Two Types of Tall Centerpieces?

Has anyone ever done this? I had my heart completely set on one style of tall centerpieces but with our budget we can only afford to do 8 of them out of 24 tables. I had originally planned to do a mix of tall and short centerpieces but it might seem unbalanced. Would it be a good idea to have 2 types of tall centerpieces that I can mix into the room alongside short centerpieces?

I've never seen two styles of tall centerpieces so I'm having a hard time imagining it... Not sure if it will look O.K., what do you guys think?

Re: Two Types of Tall Centerpieces?

  • I think you are better off going with a mix of tall and short. Trust me, it doesn't look unbalanced. In fact, personally I think it looks more expensive.
  • I agree with drmrs2014.  A mix of tall and short will break up the monotony that all tall centerpieces can give off and will add interest and dimension to your room.  Many times when I go to a wedding with all tall centerpieces it looks like I am walking into a forest with lots of trees.

  • Well I'm having tall and short... my question was is it weird to have 2 different types of tall centerpieces WITH the short centerpieces. 

    I have 25 tables and I thought I would do tall dendrobium arrangements on 8 (because that's all I can afford) then 8 tall vases with underwater submerged flowers and the rest with the other 9 tables having shorter centerpieces with candles, etc...

    Is the idea of having two different styles of tall centerpieces weird? 
  • My friend did only two types of tall, no short, and it looked fine. One set was three cylinders of varying height each filled with water and orchids with a floating candle at the top of each cylinder. The other was your basic tall vase with sticks coming out with small floral balls hanging. They were lovely, and because they were both a different look (that complimented each other--both flowers were white), it looked brought together.
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