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When did you start dress shopping??

I have girls out of town and all of my girls have kiddos. I don't want to start too early but I also don't want to start too late. We have a year before our wedding. What is the average time to find a dress, get it ordered, get alterations done, etc. All in time for bridals a month or two before the wedding?? Thanks! :-)

Re: When did you start dress shopping??

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    I bought my dress in January for my November wedding.  They told me to allow 4 months, however, it was in two months later.  I would say 6 months would be plenty of time.  As long as you have a place to store it until you need alterations, it's never too early really.   

    If you have OOT BMs, I would think about using a chain or a national store so that the girls can just order their dresses from their local store once they are chosen.  I think the rule of thumb for BM dresses is 4 months, however, in my experience, it takes much less time than that--we got our BM dresses from David's and I think they were in in around a month.


  • It depends on the designer.  If you go with a DB dress it doesn't take as long if you want say dresses like Mori lee's they take 6-8 months.  Some other designers only take 4 months and then you need to factor in time for alterations. 
  • Honestly, I went to visit my family a couple weeks after the engagement and we went dress shopping because I knew I wouldn't be in town much even in a year, and I got my dress, it was just too perfect to pass up. My wedding is next October and I bought off the rack, so it sits at my mother's for a few more months when I'll have it shipped to me for alterations. I don't think it's ever really too soon... but I'd advise not looking at other dresses once you get yours, you'll start second-guessing your decision.
  • I also bought my dress in January for a November wedding.  My mom, MIL, and bridesmaids were almost all OOT, so I scheduled appointments during a three-day weekend so it would be easier for them to travel.

    I agree about using a chain store if your BMs are all over.  It's just easier that way.



  • My wedding is in August 2014 and I just bought my dress on 11/29 and it wont come in until May and thats without alterations
  • I bought my dress in January for a July wedding, and I received it in April. It was an Allure, if that makes a difference.
  • I bought about 6 months out too. 
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