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Destination Wedding / Room Blockage

I understand there is certain "etiquette" a bride and groom should follow in order to accommodate guests flying in to attend the wedding. My concern is room blockage. We have enough costs, is this an additional and necessary one? Our wedding is not until February 21, 2015, therefore, I believe that is enough time to plan ahead. Thoughts???

Re: Destination Wedding / Room Blockage

  • We are getting a room block for our guest, but we aren't paying for their rooms.  Just giving them an opportunity to stay at our venue for a better price.  If you get a block, they will probably give you much lower rates.
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  • As well as blocking some rooms for our guests, I'm also paying for some too. Do what you can afford and your guest should not expect you to pay for their rooms only for you to block them  :)
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