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Florist Question?

So who has already setup with their florist?  I haven't spoken with a florist yet mostly because I figured we are too far out.  We're waiting at least until the new year before we look at florist.  When is the time frame when you should be looking at florist?  I'm not too worried about finding one as there are so many in our area and almost all of them do more than one wedding in a day.

We are doing bold colors and already had run into timing with the girls jewelery.  We got ideas down but she doesn't want to start shopping until March as everything available now is muted colors for fall winter.  I'm thinking florist might be the same way.  Most mockups now will be more muted or fall inspired, come the spring they'll be switching focus back to summer colors.

We'll be looking for mostly wedding party flowers.  Centerpieces/decorations are mostly done with us just needing bulk flowers from the florist.

Re: Florist Question?

  • I have! I booked her on Monday. Mostly b/c she does beautiful work and was well with in my budget. I didn't want to wait and have her prices rise or have her be unable to do my day. I don't think there's any harm in at least scoping out a few and figured out who you guys vibe with, and who best suits you budget. Maybe you could wait until March to do mockups?
  • I went with a shop on Etsy...MOH will have 18 white real touch calla lilies, BMs will have 12, Flower Girl will have 6. My bouquet is 24 white real touch callas with a collar of black silk hydrangea. 

    They're gorgeous and about 1/4 the price of real flowers...plus the advantage for me is that real flowers are too sweet and trigger migraines.
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  • I actually met with our florist last June. A little early, but since I'm an OOT bride, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to meet with her. We had one thing planned but the amount was too high. I re-talked to her on the phone in August and we came up with something budget friendly and our colors. Can't wait now!
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  • We just booked ours today! Super excited.  She gets great reviews, has an amazing portfolio, but is just getting started so her rates are really reasonable. 

    I wasn't planning on booking til late Dec/Jan-ish but she was recommended so we just went for it.

    The quote for us is $850 including my bouquet, 4 bridesmaid bouquets, 12 centerpieces and one welcome table arrangement (nothing too big).  I felt like that was a pretty good deal based on talking to other friends who got married recently in our city (where things are notoriously crazy expensive). 
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    Does anyone have a pros/cons list of fake vs. real flowers? We're having a DIY/budgeted wedding and are having difficulty deciding.
  • @maryemoo you might want to check the flowers forum on here. They have tons of things about real vs fake flowers
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