This never even came to my mind, but I didn't realize we should tip our vendors. Did everyone tip your vendors? And if so what ones did you tip? Thanks!

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    i know that you are supposed to tip your vendors, but i haven't figured out how much. considering the wedding is in 10 days, i suppose we should figure that out!!
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    If your vendor owns the company (say, an independent photographer) there is no need to tip because they are getting the full profit.  I tipped between 10-20% depending on the service and the amount of work they put in (the DJ put in a lot of work with us before and during, but the shuttle driver just showed up that day and made a few prescheduled runs.  I never even met him!

    Hope that helps!
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    Ditto, Colleen.  She put it exactly how I would... only more eloquent. 

    I tipped our hairstylists because we went to the salon.  I didn't tip Clare, the make up artist, because she's primarily working for herself and gets the money straight.  I didn't tip our trolley driver because it was figured into the price.  I didn't tip the photog because she's owns her own company.

    You kind of have to take it as an individual basis and just use your best judgement. 

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    We tipped the limo driver (mandatory), shuttle driver, bartender (she was already receiving a built in gratuity but she did such a great job my Dad gave her more), and the hair dresser (again, did a great job). I think that was it?

    Like everyone else said, it just sort of depends. HTH!


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    thanks everyone all of my vendors except the limo driver owns their company, so I will use my discretion Thanks again
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