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Budget Wedding Minnesota: Cheap Venue????

Wow, weddings are ridiculously expensive. I have about a 10,000 dollar budget. I am about to book a place but the total cost for renting is $4,200 so will have already spent almost half of my budget just on the venue alone. I am looking for outdoor ceremony and reception. Any suggestions of places like this that are cheaper than $4,200??

Re: Budget Wedding Minnesota: Cheap Venue????

  • Depending on the time of year and how many people on your guest list, check out some city or county parks!  There's a park in West St. Paul where I know people have had their wedding outdoors. There are also farm like places too that may work.
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    I wouldn't pay $4,200 with your budget. Costs start to add up kinda quickly (I know from experience, haha). You should be able to find a park somewhere. Go to any city website in your area, look for facilities. That should give you rental fees, etc. Otherwise some golf courses, orchards, and farms will give you a good deal. How many people are you thinking?
  • There is no way you are going to keep to a $10K budget if you are spending $4200 on just the venue rental unless you aren't feeding your guests, having flowers, booking a photographer, etc. How many people are you inviting? Also, are you including your dress in that $10K?
  • LOL exactly! I am thinking around 150 people. 
  • From what I have heard the only thing with doing it at a city park is they really are ceremony only places and if the reception can be held there there are pretty strict restrictions....
  • What time of year are you planning your wedding?  Ours will be an October wedding at Eagan Community Center...We're hoping to do an outdoor ceremony and have our reception inside (though I too like the idea of an outdoor ceremony).  ECC has floor to ceiling windows all along one wall so it still feels like you are outside.  It's not that expensive either, about $1600 for room rental and I figure it'll be about $2500 for food because ours is around 150 people as well...they have 3 different caterer choices, one of them being a very reasonably priced buffet.
  • I am doing Washington County Historic Courthouse. Your budget is a few thousand over mine, so you would probably be ok!
  • There are public parks that have really nice pavilions you can rent. You just have to do your research.
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