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October 2013 Weddings

More dessert or midnight pizza?

So, being a Friday wedding we are ending up with more declines then we anticipated, which is totally understandable! However, this means we are under the # required by the venue.

My FFIL suggested that the venue may be willing to negotiate with us to add something on to make up for the extra. So, if they do, idk which option to pick!

As a guest, would you prefer a sweets table in addition to wedding cake, or a midnight snack of pizza?
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Re: More dessert or midnight pizza?

  • I've got a crazy sweet tooth, so I'd have to vote for a sweets table!
  • Midnight snack like pizza. We're doing poutine at ours. When drinking I can't eat many sweets - doesn't sit well with beer for me!
  • I wouldn't do midnight snacks, but I would do late night snacks. It gives your guests a little substance in their stomache if they are drinking and will help them sober up a little before they leave. Typically around here the snacks are put out at about 9:30 since weddings end around 12/12:30.


  • Pizza for sure! We were going to have one of the local food trucks come to our reception for a late snack, but we had more people RSVP yes than we anticipated. 
  • We have way too much of everything :) We have appetizers at 630pm, then a large meal of filet mignon and chicken at 715, more appetizers at 10, and as our "cake" we have a cupcake tower. We will also have a candy buffet and at the bridal show we won a free chocolate fountain with goodies to dip...everyone will be rolling out of our venue! 

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