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Is this even do-able?

I have just started thinking about this stuff and have not gone and actually looked at any venues yet, so far online only.  We love camping, backpacking, and all that outdoorsy stuff so I would like to have a wedding with that theme, hopefully.  No matter where I host the wedding almost all of the guest (maybe 25, family only) will have to travel at least 2 hours because both of our families are very spread out (about 8 guests more than 10hrs if driving!). Because of this I would like to make it very worth the trip for them all to come.  A lot of the places I find appealing for the ceremony (like national parks and waterfalls) are rather far away from a town with more than a pop. of 2,000.  Lodging seems do-able but what about catering, florists, etc.?  The nearest city being 2 hours away and I want top notch food for everyone.  We are also vegan which makes it even more difficult finding a caterer since many of these lodge style places almost never have food options for us.  What should I do?  I have my doubts about a caterer driving two hours away, but then again I haven't asked.  Do you think I will have to settle and have an in-town wedding?

Re: Is this even do-able?

  • I don't know what part of the country you are in but is it an option to go "luxury lodge"? Where it's still outdoors/secluded but yet there is a an excellent chef or staff on hand to create a menu to suit your needs?
  • Maybe start contacting venues, see if they've hosted weddings and if they have vendors to recommend. Or contact wedding planners in those areas?

    Just a couple of suggestions!  I think that sounds really nice though!
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  • We also looked at something similar (but ended up going in a different direction) -- I think there was a lodge at Yellowstone maybe that looked really cool? They had a lot of the vendors on a list and online reviews were really good. 

    Honestly - anything is "doable" but the deciding factor is cost. Depending on your budget you can then adjust your expectations. If your budget is smaller then you may have to compromise on some things and those things may end up being the caterer or the location. 

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  • I was surprised while looking for a wedding location. Our wedding is only 2.5 hours away in my cordite area to hike and camp. There is a lodge who does weddings it is gorgeous, supply everything but catering but gave me several options and it is cheaper than an in town wedding by far. The caterers they gave me are in the large city an hour away but cater all the time to the place. My suggestion start firing emails figure out what they can do and you may be surprised.
  • There are a lot of really elegant old places in New England, particularly in New Hampshire and Vermont, that apparently have legendary food, and a lot of the places aren't even that expensive. Some of the places I've been looking at:
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