Best Florist when on a budget?

Any points in the direction of a nice florist that will work with a bride on a budget is welcome..Please feel free to post. 

Thank you

Re: Best Florist when on a budget?

  • Flowers by Audrey is based in Baltimore (Rosedale). My friend used her for silk flowers and they were lovely. She works entirely out of home, so she saves herself (and you) a lot of money that way.
  • I contacted her. Unfortunately she does not deliver to Annapolis weddings. But thank you for the suggestion.
  • Hm, okay. Well, I'm using Shelly's Blossom Shop. Shelly Baker is super accommodating. However, I don't know how her pricing is because I'm getting a discount from work.

    Her contact number is (410) 961-4199 and you can reach her assistant at [email protected] 
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