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got sloppy after meeting FH irritating!

this happen to anyone else??? I used to be so disciplined and happy with my body..when I met my future hubby last year i weighed a solid 10 lbs less than I do now... I'm a tall girl and pretty thin anyway...everyone tells me they can't notice it but I can notice it on myself and it's driving me crazyyyyy...FH is a chef so when we started dating he was making me dinners, breakfast in bed, dessert like ALL the time (which I'm not complaining about, he's amazing) but before I knew it I had gained 10 pounds in just a few months... our wedding is in May and I have been eating so healthy...all fresh fruits and veggies, no processed foods..and grilled fish or chicken at night with occasional indulgence but nothing crazy...and these extra few pounds just WILL NOT come back off and I'm getting so frustrated! sorry girls just had to vent for a minute...but let me know if anyone is having a similar problem and needs a place to let out the rage lol 

Re: got sloppy after meeting FH irritating!

  • Just because you're eating the right things doesn't make it perfect. Do you measure your food? You may be eating more than you think you are. Do you track your eating? Id suggest getting on a site like my fitness pal or live strong and seeing how your eating actually stacks up. Also, how are you preparing your food? Are you using bottled sauces on your meat, or over doing oil when you cook? Again, measuring can be a big help here. And what kind of exercise do you do? Sometimes a diet change alone isn't enough. I'd suggest adding in some exercise if you don't already, or changing up your routine if you do workout. 
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  • Ditto cnf2013...I was saying the exact same thing as you are at the beginning of summer.  Ran 5 days a week, crossfitted 5 days a week, ate relatively healthy, packed my lunch, healthy snacks...but I could NOT shake those 10lbs.  When I got back from vacation in July, I decided I had to make a change.  I started meal planning, weighing everything, and ONLY eating what was part of my meal plan M-F, no cheating. I've lost 10lbs and gone down 1.5-2 sizes (depending on brand).  I pack everything on Sundays, and I don't cheat-no grabbing a handful of chips, or a cookie in the work kitchen, no small scoop of ice cream after dinner.  I don't meal plan on weekends because it's just too restricting, but it does make me more conscious of what I eat.

    I eat clean M-F, and close to on weekends (mostly because NOT eating clean really efffs up my stomach to the point where I'm running to the bathroom an hour after eating if I eat junk).  Breakfast is egg whites (3) with asparagus and spinach, next I'll have 1/3c oatmeal, then I'll eat 3oz sweet potato with 3oz of ground turkey and 1/3c peas, followed by a can of tuna (no mayo) a few hours later, and then 4oz grilled fish and a ton of asparagus for dinner.  Or, I'll have 1/3c brown rice and 4oz fish for dinner.  I literally eat the same thing, every day, and its EASY. I've found what I like and how I can season things different so it's more tasty, but eating clean, weighing my food (I couldn't tell you calories because Ive never done the math) and not cheating has been huge (in addition to exercise, obviously...I added in 2 track workouts-intervals-a week plus some longer runs).

  • I definitely agree with tracking what you're eating, if you're not already. I thought I was eating fairly healthily... Until I started writing down everything I was consuming, and the calorie count of each thing. Everything. And it actually shocked me. I was going way over when it came to things that I thought were relatively good for me, and realizing that I could have filled up on something else AND consumed fewer calories (like 4oz of salmon and couscous with onions, mushrooms, and edamame as opposed to pesto pasta). I also found that varying my calorie intake helped a lot with losing weight, as did varying my carb and fat intake -- higher some days, lower others. Good luck!

  • Im so excited i start my new weight program tomorrow!! Yaaaaaay i have 9months before my Wedding.. im super motivated.. how about u lovely Ladies?
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    I had always been able to easily maintain my weight. I generally ate small portions, so I was okay even if it wasn't the healthiest meal. If we went out to eat, I was lucky to finish 1/2 of whatever I got before I was satisfied (I never eat until totally full). I kept granola bars or cracker at work so I wasn't filling up on cookies or less healthy snacks.  And FI used to cook a lot of dinners, usually chicken, steak or a lot of those types of things, so I ate a lot of home cooked meals.  Then, after we got engaged a year ago, the scale started slowly going up.  I've now gained 10+ lbs. over the past year.  FI started working more about 6 months ago, so he no longer cooks as often, so I find myself eating more junk for dinner. And my work snacks have moved into the less healthy category.  And I've noticed my portions getting larger.  I'm now 6 months until wedding and just hit my "oh [email protected]" weight, where I feel that I need to start fixing it.  But, I figure a week before x-mas is a bad time to start watching what I eat, so I'll let myself get past the holidays before I get serious about it.  I'm already trying to start exercising again though. I have a total gym at home, so I just need to make sure I use it everyday. And even with the holidays, I need to start with the portion control.  I used to be full after 1/2 a hamburger, now I find myself chowing down the whole thing.  So, I need to reduce portions and let my stomach shrink back down.


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