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I'm having a double wedding!

My cousin and I have been extremely close ever since we were little girls. 

She's been with her fiance for 13 years and I've been with mine for 10.  Last Christmas we were talking and she said "so we're thinking about finally getting married."  I said, "no way!  We're thinking about getting married."  She said "we want to get married on a boat."  I said "we've been talking about getting married on a boat too!"  And the idea was born for us to just do it together!

For the most part, it's been a real blessing.  I have someone to support me, someone to help make decisions with me and someone to help me pay for everything.  We've had a couple differences of opinion, but we've been able to work them out pretty easily and we're both happy with all of our choices. 

Is anybody else having a double wedding?

Re: I'm having a double wedding!

  • I would just like to say how refreshing this is compared to all the temper tantrums that other brides throw over friends or families getting engaged too close in proximity to their day, thus stealing their thunder, and then turn the whole thing into a competitive princess sport.

  • Thank you!  =D
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    What do your fiances think of this?

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  • Yes my twin sister and i are having a double wedding September 6, 2014!! Would love to talk to double brides and see pictures from a real wedding.
  • I think that's awesome! I've always thought a double wedding would be fun! Not to mention, being able to share a cost. Since she's in the family, the whole family could celebrate together. I think it's great you two are sharing your wedding day! Very cool 
  • Wahoo! were not alone! my My twin sister and i are planning a double for September 2014.
  • Double weddings are cool and all, but what do your fiances think of this? Are they the type of guys that will agree just to make you happy, while making themselves unhappy? j/w
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