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    First Met: We never formally met ... went to college together and had mutual friends so just "knew of" each other. We became Facebook friends in March 2012.

    First Kiss: March 28, 2013. 

    First Date: March 12, 2013. 

    Sex: Will be wedding night, October 11, 2014. 

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: April 12, 2013. 

    Meet the parents: His - March 28, 2013; Mine - May 17, 2013

    I love you's: Me to him - April 23, 2013 (It was an accident, just slipped out ha. I wanted to wait til he said it first); Him to me - May 18, 2013

    Move in day: N/A

    Marriage talk/proposal: August 2013

    Wedding Date: October 11, 2014

    I never thought I would be one of those people to rush into things ha. But I've been in lots of looooong relationships and never been sure and with him, I knew right away. :)

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    First Met:  Sometime in 2000

    First Kiss:  May 2002

    First Date:  April 2002

    Sex:  December 2002

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend:  May 2002

    Meet the parents:  May 2002 (met them while taking pictures before Prom)

    I love you's:  September 2002

    Move in day:  January 2009

    Marriage talk/proposal:  Probably about 2-3 years into our relationship so 2004 or 2005 (actual proposal date was June 5, 2010)

    Wedding Date:  July 16, 2011

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    First Met:  April 1, 2010

    First Kiss:  April 1, 2010

    First Date:  April, 10ish 2010

    Sex:  April 1, 2010. Oops. He took me home from the bar. We had our first date the next week.

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend:  July 2010

    Meet the parents:  Fall 2010. Our parents met eachother on Christmas Eve 2010

    I love you's:  Oct 2010 while on the ferris wheel

    Move in day:  April 2011

    Marriage talk/proposal:  Marriage talk starts around 7 months while we were on our first vacation together. Proposed July 9, 2011 after 15 months together

    Wedding Date:  May 19th, 2012

    I am another example that you can meet someone in a bar, sleep with them that night and marry them. He is HOT, I couldnt resist!

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    First Met:  September 2009 (I think it may have been the 8th if I remember correctly)  

    First Kiss:  October 24, 2009

    First Date:  October 24, 2009

    Sex:  November 2009 (I think the 9th)

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend:  He asked officially on December 5th, 2009 but we really considered ourselves official from pretty much right away

    Meet the parents:  I can't remember when he met mine!  I know it was before I met his, so I think Winter 2009.  I met his in May of 2010 (they lived far from us).

    I love you's:  March 21st, 2010

    Move in day:  Don't know the date again!  I really suck at this.  Late May of 2011.

    Marriage talk/proposal:  We always chatted about it a little, but serious talk started when I moved across the country for him in September of 2012.  He proposed officially on June 8th, 2013.

    Wedding Date:  October 11th, 2014

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    First Met: January 2012 (blind date through a mutual friend)

    First Kiss: January 2012 (night of first date)

    First Date: January 2012

    Sex: April 2012

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: February 2012

    Meet the parents: My parents: April 2012; his parents: September 2012 (mine live local, his live out of state)

    I love you's: April/May 2012

    Move in day: September 2013

    Marriage talk/proposal: Talk has gone on for a while; Proposal - July 2013

    Wedding Date: October 2014

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    First Met: 1983, we grew up together.

    First Kiss: July 3, 2009

    First Date: July 10th or 17th of 2009(we went to a local 4th of July fest on the July 3rd as friends, reconnecting after years not seeing each other but he asked me to dinner either the next Friday or the one after).

    Sex: July 4, 2009(definitely jumped the gun on that)

    Calling/considering each other boyfriend/girlfriend: January 16, 2011. It took us a year and half of being FWB before we decided to date.

    Meet the parents: 1983, our parents are friends.

    I love you's: Late 2011 or early 2012, right around our 1 year anniversary.

    Move in day: Officially: June 15, 2012. Unofficially: March 16, 2012. I started staying with him full time in March when I started a new job, we signed a lease on our apartment in June.

    Marriage talk/proposal: Between us, we always talked about it but it got serious in August 2012 when we started designing my ering. He gave me the ring on December 21, 2012.

    Wedding Date: November 15, 2014(it would be my grandparents 67th wedding anniversary).

    You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back. - Barbara DeAngelis
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    First Met: I prefer "when it started" ... April 2009. We had known of each other since he ran around with my cousins.

    First Kiss: May 2009

    First Date: Never really had one.

    Sex: August 2009

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: June 13, 2009

    Meet the parents: His mom was a cook at our school so I "knew" her already. I knew his dad from some fish fries we went to. He knew my dad. (Can you tell that we live in a small town?) He met my mom probably July 2009.

    I love you's: July 2009

    Move in day: March 2012

    Marriage talk/proposal: We pretty much talked about it from the get-go. Engaged on July 26, 2012.

    Wedding Date: We eloped on our four year anniversary: June 13, 2013.

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    First Met: August 2005

    First Kiss: October 2008

    First Date: October 2008

    Sex: Not yet

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: November 2008, probably somewhere around Thanksgiving? We arbitrarily set an anniversary in late October by using a random number generator to select a date from a 10-day span. Yes I am completely serious.

    Meet the parents: He met mine in November 2008, I think I met his in December 2008.

    I love you's: November 2008

    Move in day: Briefly lived together in May-August 2009, looking at moving in together again in May 2013.

    Marriage talk/proposal: Talk pretty much from the beginning, NEY

    Wedding Date: None set yet, no timeframe either.

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    First Met: August 2008

    First Kiss: October 2008

    First Date: September 2008 - We don't really remember what our first date was. We just hung out all the time and eventually made it official.

    Sex: October 2012 - We were waiting until marriage but then decided not to.

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: September 2008

    Meet the parents: He met my parents November 2008 and I met his parents March 2009

    I love you's: I said it January 2009, he said it March 2009

    Move in day: We do not live together yet

    Marriage talk/proposal:
    We've been talking marriage since July 2008 but no proposal yet

    Wedding Date: The plan is for this summer :)
    might want to wait on planning until he proposes :/
    Um, I am. I already said I meant next summer because that's what we've discussed and I am in no way planning a wedding.

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    First Met: First customer I waited on at my new job as a waitress (Aug. '10). He ended up moving into my house when I moved out. He was new to town. Didn't 'officially' know each other until July '12.

    First Kiss: 10-11-12

    First Date: 10-11-12

    Sex: 10-11-12

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: 12-23-12

    Meet the parents: 10/2012

    I love you's: 10-31-12

    Move in day: 12-23-12

    Marriage talk/proposal: Talked about marriage in general when we first started 'seeing' each other, but talked seriously about it after we were officially dating. He proposed 07-10-13.

    Wedding Date: 10-11-13

    We both came from longterm relationships with kids. Both of had been hurt and were really only looking for someone fun to hangout with. We both very quickly realized though that we were exactly what each other wanted out of a relationship/marriage. Our family and friends are happy and really like the other and most importantly, our kids love us and are over the moon happy that we're marrying and becoming a family.
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    First Met: neither of us actually remember. We were just always around. First Kiss: haha I don't remember the date. A week or toe after we started dating. First Date: again. We don't remember. Damn. We suck. It was to a movie though! Sex: I got this one! It was on our wedding night. May 25 of this year. Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: Meet the parents: Easter of 2011 I love you's: May of 2011 Move in day: after our wedding. May 25 Marriage talk/proposal: it was July of 2011. At his brothers wedding. Wedding Date: May 25 2013
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    First Met: September 2007
    First Kiss: One week later in September 2007
    First Date: I don't really know what constituted as a "date"..we were in college and just went out all the time
    Sex: I think October 2007
    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: November 25, 2007
    Meet the parents: May 2008 (when he was moving out of his dorm I met his mom...a couple weeks later I met his dad)
    I love you's: December 2007
    Move in day: May 2013
    Marriage talk/proposal: Talk was early on, proposal was April 11, 2013
    Wedding Date: August 9, 2014


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    First Met: August 2008

    First Kiss: September 2008

    First Date: September 2008

    Sex: Same night as first kiss and "date"  it was more of a friends with benefits type of thing.

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: July 2011

    Meet the parents: November 2011 (he was away in Guam in the military when we started "dating")

    I love you's: August 2011-September 2011?

    Move in day: April 20th 2012

    Marriage talk/proposal: ?? We got engaged April 6th, 2012

    Wedding Date: June 29th, 2013

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    First Met: 1995

    First Kiss: 1996 new years

    First Date: what like a proper one? sometime in 1995. We went to the pictures

    Sex: what like full blown? um 2000 

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: 1995

    Meet the parents: 1995 (we were 11)

    I love you's: I actually don't know I imagine saying it and actually meaning it about 1997 maybe. Like adult I love you from 1999 I guess

    Move in day: 8 years ago so 2005

    Marriage talk/proposal: I don't know probably since we were 18 ish, then seriously post 21. but as that was 8 years ago. In terms of lets just book it then 2 months

    Wedding Date: in 63 days - ahhhhhhhhhhh

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    First Met: April 2001 (we actually met online and a talked a bit before our first date)

    First Kiss: April 22, 2001

    First Date: April 20, 2001

    Sex: Early June 2001 (he's old school, no sex until I Love You's)

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: May-June-ish 2001

    Meet the parents: I can't remember at all.  I know he met my mom earlier on and that was before I met his folks.  He met my dad (I think) August 2003

    I love you's: Early June 2001.  He took me to NYC for a surprise, whirlwind weekend of a sight seeing, dinner, dancing and to tell me he'd fallen in love with me at the top of the Empire State building.

    Move in day: December 2003

    Marriage talk/proposal: Marriage talk started about 6 months in and was discussed a lot until the proposal

    Actual proposal: September 12, 2009.  We did a 2 week long trip out to the West coast and he had it all planned for while we were overlooking the Golden Gate.

    Wedding date was October 6, 2012.  Our 1st anniversary is just a week away.


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    First Met: 6/5/2009

    First Kiss: 6/21/2009

    First Date: 6/21/2009

    Sex: July 2009

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: December 2009 (yeah, we weren't exclusive for 6 months...)

    Meet the parents: He met mine right away in July 2009 as I was still living with them right after college. I met his in October 2009. Yeah. Before we were exclusive. We went a little backwards!

    I love you's: January 2010

    Move in day: August 2010

    Marriage talk/proposal: Started talking late 2011. Proposal happened in September 2012.

    Wedding Date: September 2013
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    First Met: August 13, 2009

    First Kiss: September 2009

    First Date: Semptember 2009

    Sex: September 2009

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: September 13, 2009

    Meet the parents: He met mine around September 1, 2009 before we were "offically dating" i met his sometime in late September 2009.

    I love you's: October 13, 2009.  weird one month apart thing. wasn't planned that way haha

    Move in day: He started staying with me in August of 2010, but we didn't officially move in together and get our own place until June of 2013.

    Marriage talk/proposal: He started talking about marriage in October of 2009 after we had been together a month.  We got engaged on June 1, 2013.

    Wedding Date: May 10, 2014

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    First Met: Set up by a mutual friend January 2010

    First Kiss: on our first real date (I kissed him)

    First Date: Real first date was the following Tuesday after we met

    Sex: March 2010

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend:  He officially asked me to be his girlfriend on January 26, 2010

    Meet the parents:  I met his mom at the end of January 2010 on whim; He met my parents mid March 2010 (I kept him a secret from them for awhile because they were the type of parents who constantly reminded me I was 27 and single...) 

    I love you's: mid to end of March 2010

    Move in day: officially end of May 2010, but I was pretty much there majority of the week from March on. we moved to a bigger apt Dec 2010, and then he moved back home to start a business ( 4 hrs away) summer 2011 so we were long distance for about 2 months when I realized I just needed to move since it was pretty evident that was where my life was going be.

    Marriage talk/proposal: Our relationship started very fast, but we did not really talk marriage until 2 year mark (after I moved)-- He bought the ring/asked my dad May 2012-- He proposed August 8th 2012 (yes he made me wait 3 months even after I knew he bought a ring... but it was perfect timing because he proposed on the 1 year anniversary of his business being open and credited it to me and taking the chance to move and help make his (now our) business a success). 

    Wedding Date: 10 month engagement--married June 7th 2013!


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    First Met: Summer 2006

    First Kiss: December 31, 2006 (New years eve)

    First Date: Sometime in the Fall 2006

    Sex: May 2007. Prom. Very cliche..

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: December 30, 2006

    Meet the parents: Fall 2006

    I love you's: February 2007

    Move in day: August - December 2011 in College, then permanently April 2013

    Marriage talk/proposal: Almost never talked about it. We had a mutual understanding it would probably happen sometime, but wanted the proposal to be the first we talked about it.The proposal was August 15th 2013 :)

    Wedding Date:August 16, 2014

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    First Met: Messaged him on OKCupid on November 12 2011

    First Kiss: Second date, November 28 2011 (thanks, Google Calendar!)

    First Date: November 16 2011

    Sex: December 16 2011 (I remember it was my high school boyfriend's birthday)

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: December 16 2011; I have a policy of only having sex in the context of a relationship. We were already a bit head over heels for each other, but we didn't really talk about it until we were about to get down and dirty.

    Meet the parents: Late February 2012

    I love you's: I said it in late April 2012, and he said it in mid-May. He said it by accident during a fight, which I find really hilarious.

    Move in day: Allston Christmas 2012

    Marriage talk/proposal: We'd been talking about an eventual engagement/marriage since about New Year's 2012/13. We started really planning the engagement in May. Engagement was official on August 27 2013

    Wedding Date: Just booked the venue on Sunday! November 16 2014, our three year anniversary

    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
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    First Met: 29 October 2011

    First Kiss: 10 February 2012 (might have been 11, not sure)

    First Date: 4 February 2012

    Sex: Sometime in March 2012 (I think?)

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: Sometime in February 2012

    Meet the parents: He met my mom immediately after our first date, when he took me home, and my dad a few weeks later. I met his parents in April 2012.

    I love you's: No idea. Very early though. When something's right, it's really right.

    Move in day: Officially, I think it was September 2012, but I'd been spending a lot of time at his place since about 2 weeks after we started dating because it was a lot closer to work than my place was.

    Marriage talk/proposal: Marriage talk started shortly after I met his parents. Proposal was 1 September 2013

    Wedding Date: Not decided yet (waiting on officiant availability etc) but we're talking about 31 October 2014. Somewhere between mid-October 2014 and mid-February 2015, at any rate.

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    First Met: online at the beginning of June 2012; met in person on first date

    First Kiss: July 21, 2012

    First Date: June 16, 2012

    Sex: July 27/28, 2012 

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: August 13, 2012 (after we had "the talk")

    Meet the parents: my birthday dinner in September 2012 (I think it was 9/15)

    I love you's: My birthday (9/12/2012)

    Move in day: We officially moved in together 12/15/2012.

    Marriage talk/proposal:  Engaged 10/19/2012 (had been talking for about a month about it).

    Wedding Date: October 13, 2013  :D

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    First Met: February 19, 2008

    First Kiss: February 23, 2008

    First Date: February 23, 2008

    Sex: We waited 3 months

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: After the first date

    Meet the parents: I met his dad after our first date, His mom a few months after that. 

    I love you's: After about 10 months together

    Move in day: May, 2009

    Marriage talk/proposal: After about 2 years together we started talking about it. Promise ring Christmas 2011. Just started planning the wedding this past spring!

    Wedding Date: July 19, 2014

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    First Met:   February 20th, 2009 college hockey game. Lost touch for a few months then reconnected through OkCupid in November. Met up again in November to hang out. 

    First Kiss: December 3rd, 2009

    First Date:  December 3rd, 2009

    Sex: January 2010

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: December 17th, 2010

    Meet the parents: I met his dad after our first date, His mom a few months after that. 

    I love you's: July 2010

    Move in day: February 2011

    Marriage talk/proposal: After about a year after so, December 2011. Proposal happened on August 12th, 2012. 

    Wedding Date: October 10th, 2015

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    We've been together so long, the years are starting to blend together:)

    First Met: Early May 2006

    First Kiss:May 2006

    First Date:May 15, 2006

    Sex:May 2006

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: May 2006 (Two weeks after our first date)

    Meet the parents: He meet my parents at the end of May 2006, I meet his Mom in June 2006

    I love you's: Early June 2006

    Move in day: Two weeks into us dating he gave me a key to his place and we moved in together in August 2007

    Marriage talk/proposal: We've discussed marriage since 2007. Finally got proposal 7/20/13:)

    Wedding Date:May 31, 2014

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    First Met: February 3, 2012

    First Kiss:February 3, 2012

    First Date: February 3, 2012

    Sex:  March 2012

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: April 2012

    Meet the parents: His April 2012, mine May 2012

    I love you's: April 2012

    Move in day: September 21, 2012

    Marriage talk/proposal: September 20,2013

    Wedding Date: October 21, 2017

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    First Met: June 2007

    First Kiss: June 2007

    First Date: June 2007

    Sex: July 2007

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: July 2007

    Meet the parents: December 2007 (they are serious hunters and were hardly around so i didnt meet them until the christmas dinner)

    I love you's: July 2007

    Move in day: April 2011

    Marriage talk/proposal: October 2007 we began talking marriage got engaged on November 5th,2012

    Wedding Date: November 9th 2013

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    Uhhh this is hard to do when you were long distance from the very beginning of us knowing each other. "Met" in 2004, we were friends till 2006. So I'll start from there, I think haha. 

    First Met: February 4, 2009 - he flew out to Cali and we met face to face for the first time. 

    First Kiss:February 4, 2009

    First Date: February 4, 2009

    Sex:  Feb 7, 2009

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: Sometime in early 2008

    Meet the parents: My parents refused to meet him when he came out to Cali, so they have not met him yet. I met his parents my first visit out to NY (where he is from) in July 2009

    I love you's: We were friends, in Deb of 06 i got my heart broken. He was there for me and my shoulder to cry on, June 07 I realized I was in love with him. I said it, he didn't because he couldn't yet. (He just got out of a relationship and it broke his heart really badly.) Dec 07 he surprises me by saying it back. 

    Move in day: September 29, 2010 - I moved to NY. 

    Marriage talk/proposal: June 29, 2011 - in Times Square. First trip to NYC! 

    Wedding Date: Feb 8, 2014 - long engagement but we did it because we wanted to be in a good financial situation before we went and paid for a wedding. 

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    First Met: We met on an internet dating website December 31, 2010, and didn't actually meet until January 20th, 2011 (I think?)

    First Kiss: February 14th, 2011

    First Date: January 20th, 2011

    Sex:  March 2011

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: April 2011

    Meet the parents: Ummm, Memorial Day weekend 2012? It was hard because my parents live 200 miles away and he was working weekends at the time, so it was a logistic issue.

    I love you's: June 2011

    Move in day: September 2012

    Marriage talk/proposal: No proposal, but we talked seriously about our dating/engagement/wedding timeline January 2013.

    Wedding Date: ????

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    First Met: 1 August 2012

    First Kiss: 2 August 2012

    First Date: 1 August 2012

    Sex: 2 August 2013

    Calling/considering each other as boyfriend/girlfriend: after three weeks (he told his mum on the phone I was his girlfriend!)

    Meet the parents: 6 weeks

    I love you's: I forget, around a month?

    Move in day: after about 6 months

    Marriage talk/proposal: as a joke after 3 days, but seriously after 3 and a half months

    Wedding Date: 30th November 2013

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