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My wallet hurts (brides with kids, come in)

$50 to buy a suit for DS?  Another $25 to buy a vest & ties to match FI's?   $30 for a pair of black dress shoes?  And I'm looking on Amazon because it's cheaper  than paying the crazy ass department store prices and somewhat less than renting him a suit. 

Are you  freaking kidding me?  He's six and a half years old!   He's going to out grow it the freaking day after the wedding and never wear it again.  I need hair pats.

/end vent


Re: My wallet hurts (brides with kids, come in)

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    Go to a resale shop. They'll have 'em.
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    I have torn apart every consignment shop and sale in the metro area and can't find what he needs in his size.  We found lots blue suits and black pinstriped suits, but no solid black. It's just killing me.

    For the record, it did occur to me after I posted this, that this is a really minor  thing to complain about in light of the fact that we're spending $10k on the whole wedding.  I'm trying to put it into that perspective instead of thinking of it out of context as $100+  for one kid's outfit but it isn't working yet.
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    What? Weird. I figured they'd have plenty of crap. Well, actually, it sounds like they have just that - crap.

    Have you tried places like Burlington Coat Factory or TJ Maxx?
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    Not BCF yet.  Good call on that.    My favorite so far was Neiman-Marcus (snort, I really should have known better) and their $450 kid's suits.   Um. NOPE! 
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    I have seen kids formal attire at swap meets and flea markets. I bought my girls new fancy dresses there they cost me 50 bucks each and everyone asks where I got them.
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    Definitely check out Burlington. I got both my daughters flower girl dresses there. Together they cost less than $50.
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    I feel your pain.  We  have a blended family of 4 daughters - they were BM's in our wedding and it was freaking expensive!
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