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Gift for a jr groomsman

I'm stuck on what to get as a gift for our nephew (he's 9) - he's a jr groomsman in our wedding party. His sister (age 6) is in the wedding party also and we got her a necklace with some charms on it. I don't know what a 9 year old boy would like, and do we get him some sort of keepsake or just something he'd like right now?


Re: Gift for a jr groomsman

  • csuavecsuave member
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    We had no idea either for my brother's kids.  For my 9 year old niece SIL recommended earrings which niece was very happy with (so I think you are good with the necklace). 

    DH got 5 year old nephew ring bearer and almost 11 year old nephew Jr. Groomsman personalized Louisville slugger baseball bats.  I tried to steer DH away from anything personalized but the boys ended up loving the bats.  At their ages seeing their name on something was fun for them and they loved that it was signed from "Uncle Suave" thus kind of solidifying DH as their new uncle.  5 year old nephew wanted to sleep with it that night. 

  • Hmmm, our nephew isn't really into sports....he's more of a video game/movie type kid.
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    Majelin86 said:
    Hmmm, our nephew isn't really into sports....he's more of a video game/movie type kid.
    There is nothing wrong with getting him a gift card to Game Stop or your local movie theatre.  You could ask what some of his favorite video games are and purchase one for him, or an accessory to his game system.  If he likes Lego's, there are lots of pretty cool options.  There are some pretty fun gaming t-shirts as well that would be age appropriate.
  • The gift does not have to be a keepsake.  The suggestions by PP are good or maybe you could go with a recent DVD of a movie he likes.

  • We got our 10 year old junior groomsman a leather wallet embossed with his monogram. We figure it's a gift that will make him feel like an "adult" and is something he'll be able to use for a long time. We also considered getting him a Swatch watch.
  • ask his parents what he is into and get him something he would just like in general.  Does not (should not) be wedding related.

  • We got him Pokémon cards and an App Store gift card because that's what he's into at the moment apparently :)
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