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Hi Ladies! 

My fiance and I are having a somewhat limited bar - it's all free but we are serving beer (corona, bud light, woodchuck cider, sam adams octoberfest), wine (moscato, cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio) and 2 signature drinks - Spiced caramel apple (ginger liqueur, caramel vodka, apple cider, lemon juice) & a non alcoholic one - sweet tea (black iced tea, pomegranate juice, lemon juice)

I think I've figured out how much beer and wine we will need but I am LOST on how much of the "supplies" to get for the signature drinks. We have 79 guests who consume alcohol and a ton of kids (a total, with kids, of 125). 


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    Are you working with a DOC or with a caterer? What type of venue are you using for your reception? 

    I realize from your post that you are probably buying all the alcohol yourself, which is why you're totally lost. However, your DOC, caterer, and/or venue should be able to give you good advice about the amount you will need (I really have no idea myself, so I can't really help with a solid figure for you).

    What I do suggest is that regardless of the amount you buy, make sure that:
    1) you buy it somewhere that has a return policy for any unopened bottles
    2) you instruct the bartender, waitstaff, and anyone else who will be serving drinks to your guests (or even setting out the bottles somewhere where guests can serve themselves) that they should not start a new bottle until the previous one is finished off

    Both of those together will allow you to return anything that isn't opened at the wedding, and will save you from having tons of alcohol left over that may or may not ever actually get drank.
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    Oh I didn't realize places did that! Thank you! I emailed my bartender and I will contact the DOC to see if she has advice. Thank you!
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    Glad I could help!
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