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Cake check

We got our cake ordered today! Nothing fancy.  Two tiers of white cake with an off white, cream cheese frosting.  The tiers have a five inch space between them so I need to get some flowers to fill it.  The cake tasting was fun, aside from the fact that we, misguidedly, took my six year old DS with us because what kid doesn't like cake and it seemed like an easy thing to make him feel included with all this wedding talk.   He refused to eat breakfast this morning so he was hungry when we got there, ate the majority of the samples before we could try them with all the combinations,  and then took flight on a massive sugar high.   Parenting judgment FAIL! 

Hows every one else doing?  Less than six weeks until we start seeing wedding pictures here!  EEK!

Re: Cake check

  • We liked the cake tastings. Our cake is already ordered, I just have to pay for the fondant bows we are adding since our cake itself comes with our venue package. Our cake will be covered in sprinkles!


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  • We did out tasting with our venue tasting, and figured out the flavors for the cake - and we started working on the design with the baker. 

    So exciting!
  • My FI and I are making our own cake! Crazy I know, but we both love to bake. We've done two trial bakes so far, and I think they've gone well. We're doing 6 tiers (bottom two will be styrofoam), with light blue fondant and silver ribbon around the different layers, and possibly piped small dots in navy blue. We have a friend who's made wedding cakes for the last 20 years, so if we run into any trouble she said she'd assist us.


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  • Our venue could have done a non traditional cake for us. The had a chocolate bourbon chili cake that was to. die. for.  Then, at our menu tasting,  FI tried their dark chocolate mouse in the edible, chocolate tulip cups and decided that we would be serving those as part of desert, period.   I couldn't say no because they're amazing.  But they're super rich so serving a heavy, chocolate cake with it wasn't a good idea.  We had to go to an outside vendor for a white cake to off set it.

  • We are having 3 tiers and 2 flavors. One flavor is called The Elvis which is banana cake with peanut butter frosting in the middle and chocolate ganache. The other is Carmelized Pear with walnuts. Both were so good! The cake will look like the lace on my dress and a replica belt to match mine :)
  • Our cake is going to be 3 teirs yellow cake with butter cream frosting and a strawberry cream filling in 2 of the tiers just plain on the other tier with a ton of chocolate covered strawberrys coming down the sides. And since we are having more people than we expected attend we are doing a sheet cake brought out when the cake is being served. Our baker told us that's the best way to still have a pretty cake but serve more people without having a ridiculous cost.
  • We ordered our cake from a baker recommended to us by our venue. We are doing 4 tiers with the flavors alternating on the tiers. The bottom and the middle layer will be Amaretto with white chocolate mousse and red raspberry filling. The second to the bottom and the top layer will be chocolate with Baileys and Milk chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache. So yummy! We are doing a simple flower topper with ours and there will be navy ribbon going around the base of each layer. We will also have our new Monogram in the middle layer! Yay! 
  • Our cake is included with the venue, but we had outside bakeries to choose from.  We did both tastings, one with Carlos' Bakery (no way were we going to use them!), and the other with a local bakery known for their pound cake wedding cakes.  We will be doing lemon pound cake with a raspberry swirl and alternating layers of chocolate mousse and vanilla cream.  The design we chose they can only do in 3 tiers, so we will have sheet cakes cut for service as well.  The anniversary tier will be chocolate chip pound cake with chocolate mousse filling.
  • My co-worker (a very talented baker) is making our cake!  We're doing three tiers -- the bottom and top tier will be Madagascar vanilla bean cake with chocolate malt filling, and the middle tier will be lemon with fresh blueberries and white chocolate filling.  YUM!
  • Mmm all the cakes sound so yummy! 
  • Sometimes I think the whole reason I'm having my wedding is to eat all of my cakes.  I am having 8 cakes in total.  The bottom one, which is 14", is king cake flavored. Then there are 2 12" cakes, one is Turtle (chocolate cake with caramel and pecan filling) and one is blueberry with lemon icing. Then there are 2 10" cakes, one is peanutbutterscotch and one is S'mores. Then there are 2 8" cakes, both of which are sweet potato with cream cheese icing. Finally, the top tier, which will be eaten on our anniversary is Red Velvet Elvis (peanut butter banana filling with red velvet cake topped with cream cheese icing). 
  • @rmahler1121 OMG those cakes sound amazing! You will have some happy guests :)
  • @rmahler1121 - I know this is extremely rude and against all etiquette . . . but can I come to your wedding?????  

  • @rmahler1121 I'm coming too.  And I'll be bringing my seven children and my drunk uncle, because he likes cake too.  That's ok.  Right?  Thanks!  See you then!
  • Haha if you are in new Orleans in a few weeks, sure you can come eat some cake!
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    Actually FI and I  will be in NOLA in a a few weeks.  LOL

  • Our cake flavors are pretty traditional - our cake with be four tiers - two will be champagne with a crème fraîche and strawberry filling, and two will be almond butter cake with an apricot and almond mousse filling. We wanted to keep the flavors more or less tame/traditional for our guests (and our baker makes absolutely delicious cakes), but I'm surprising FI with a groomscake that will be rich chocolate with a chambord, whipped ganache and raspberry filling. 

    The cake is going to be ivory, with hand-piped lace (similar to the Chantilly lace on my gown), taupe ribbons and vintage broaches, and a smattering of rhinestones. These two pics were my inspirations photos I showed our baker: 


  • Our cake has been ordered! We picked a vanilla cake with strawberry cream filling in the layers :) my MOH's mother makes cakes for weddings, so we were really excited when she wanted to make our cake! She made it for my bridal shower (not the exact cake, but the exact flavor)... OMG it was delicious!! she's using marshmallow fondant and it's a 3-tier cake. Since it's a movie-theme wedding, from the top to bottom is going to be a film reel that "rolled" to the bottom of the cake. our cake topper is the Precious Moments bride and groom in the Disney wedding ears.  :) I'm really excited!! :D
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