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November 2013 Weddings

wedding gown alteration

 would jushi!


I just bought a beautiful gown on E-bay. It is very pretty but it is a bit too long, I would like to have it taken up a couple of inches. does anybody know hoew much it may cost me? the gown wasn't very much and it would b ridiculous to pay more for alteration than for the gown. I would just b more comfortable if I didn't have to worry about tripping down the aisle. !!! any thoughts?

Re: wedding gown alteration

  • I would say to find a reputable local seamstress to go get a quote. Pricing is kinda all over the place and bridal salons are obviously most expensive but I don't think a hem should be too expensive. Is that all you need to get done? I did a google search on wedding dress hem prices and from what I can tell anywhere from $20-$40 was most common. 

    I haven't had alterations yet so I can't tell you anything more specific. Hopefully someone else can chime in. 
  • It also will depend on your area. Back home, I had a vintage cocktail dress totally reconstructed to fit me (it was a size 16 and I was a size 6) for $40 and that included a new zipper. Here, I would definitely pay twice that.

    I'd recommended yelp or wedding wire to find a reputable seamstress near you and call for quotes.


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