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Venue Contract

I love the venue we picked for the wedding, the price was reasonable and the reviews are great.  But, from the beginning they can never get the contract correct.  Before I signed it, I think they sent me 7 revisions.  I work with contracts all the time so I am extremely meticulous to ensure what we wanted from the venue was included.  I gave them my deposit and everything was great.  I saw them at a bridal show two weekends ago and said my next payment installment is due on the 30th so they'll be seeing me in a few weeks.  I get an email over the weekend with "It's your six month mark" lots of standard copy/paste stuff then reminder of payment with invoice attached.  The invoice is incorrect.  It's based on one of the 7 revisions before the executed contract.  GRRRRR  I politely replied with a copy of the correct contract and told them I'd be in this weekend.

Should I be worried?  I'm going to blow it off as a mistake but the initial back and forth on the contract was a little frustrating.  I thought we got past that with a signed contract.

Please post bridezilla pics if need!   

Re: Venue Contract

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    I wouldn't be too worried. You have a signed copy of the correct contract, right? So you should be fine. It's frustrating, sure, but people are dum*. 

    *Misspelled purposely to stress the point. 
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    As long as you have an original or copy signed and dated, you should be OK.
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    I agree with PP's and think you will be ok.  I would, however, perhaps make them another paper copy of the final countersigned contract and drop it off with your next payment and remind them that 'this' is the contract that has been signed and, for clarity's sake, you'd appreciate that they only refer to the final version when communicating about payment, etc.  
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    I do have a copy of the signed contract and will make them a copy.  Thank you!
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