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I had a bridesmaid back out last week.  We both kind of saw it coming but I am absolutely heartbroken.  I am going to send her the bridesmaid gifts I bought and a nice note letting her know how much her friendship means to me and everything.  

I already purchased her dress, so we're going to just keep it on hand that day incase of an uh-oh moment.  We haven't had our final flower consultation yet and I'm wondering what to do about her bouquet.  They aren't cheap, but that's not even the issue.  I just don't think we need an extra bouquet that day and not sure what to do.  We can put the money from her bouquet into other things...upgrading the other BM's or mine, adding more centerpiece flowers, or just get the bouquet and have it as an extra.

I'm trying to do what's right here but with the flowers I have no idea.
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