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The Cranbury Inn- Has anyone used this place?

Hey Everyone!  I hope I am posting in the correct place (my first time). 

My fiance & I are looking to get married in March 2015 (I know a long way off) but we are looking for a more rustic type wedding- without having to rent EVERYTHING!  I came across an ad for the Cranbury Inn but there are no recent reviews & some not so good reviews for a few years back.  Has anyone heard anything about this place?  Or do you have suggestions for a more rustic type venue that has everything (practically) included?   Thanks!! :)

Re: The Cranbury Inn- Has anyone used this place?

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    I've been there for meals often I was just there on Saturday for lunch.  Food & service are always real good.  I've been there for a corporate holiday party before it was nice, FMIL has organized several events for the company she works for and it has gone well.


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    I went there for a networking event...don't think the food stuck out in my head but I thought their barn was super pretty. My roommate at work's grand daughters friend worked there and the owner was a real asshole to the staff so she quit. So know that staff turn over may mean less than stellar service.
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    I personally have never been there but have heard that their food is phenomenal but the service is less than stellar.  I have been meaning to go there for dinner, but haven't had the time to call to make a reservation (I heard they get busy quick!).  

    Good luck.
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    I went there to check it out for our fall 2014 wedding. It's a nice space, but there aren't many options. What turned us off was how much of a complete asshole the owner was. I mean- I don't think I've ever been offended by someone so fast! (and I'm pretty easy going!) Seriously.. complete and total jerk. I could see him being a total nightmare to work with. 
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