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Looking to do something special for the bride

Hi there,
I am a BM in my best friend's wedding.  There is a year until the wedding, but I am looking to do something special each month with/for her to help her countdown.  Most of the wedding party is out of town, so I want to be able to get together with her and show her that I really want to help her with anything she needs.  I don't know if I want to give her a gift each month, or just go out for coffee and chat, but I would love suggestions.
I thought for the month of her bachelorette party I would take her for a mani/pedi the day before.  I have a few other ideas, but I don't know if I can come up with something for each month.
Has anyone else does something like this?  How did it go over?  I would appreciate any advice or suggestions!

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Re: Looking to do something special for the bride

  • Though you're obviously not obligated to do something like this... but as a bride to be just two months from my own wedding, I think it sounds amazing. 

    My vote is take her out out once a month and talk about non-wedding things. It's hard when you're getting married to talk about things other than the wedding. 

    You're a great friend!
  • I think the once a month is very touching. A girls night in with a movie and ice-cream out of the carton; if you can, personally deliver flowers; in December to a drive around to view decorated houses; visit a hair salon for shampoo and blow dry; do some type of volunteer day together, run/walk a local 5K; visit a museum art or history; spend some time at a Barnes and Noble plowing the magazines (cooking, decorating, fashion); find a really difficult recipe and try to teach it to yourselves; go to a craft store and find a really silly craft that you could make for each other.
    You are only limited by your ability to let go and have some silly fun.  
  • As a bride to be I would be honored if my BM did something like this.  It is completely unnecessary, but who cares you are showing yourself as a great friend to the bride!  I would try to stick to things both you and your friend would like to do together! Depending on your ultra cheesey factor you can even incorporate numbers like (as pp suggested) do a 5k at 5 months, drink 2 beers at 2 months etc. 

    It all comes down to being a good friend and just doing what comes natural to you!

  • Cowgirl--I LOVE the idea of incorporating the months into the events.  Super idea!!!
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