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Registering for single dishes vs set of China


I would like to register for 12 sets of China since I entertain frequently. I was considering registering for 8 complete sets and then splitting the remaining 4 sets into individual pieces (dinner plates, tea cups, salad plates) to give my guests a lower price point. (I will also be registering for other things at lower price points). Is this a good idea or too confusing?

Thank you!

Re: Registering for single dishes vs set of China

  • It depends on the price point.  

    If your china pattern is in the $0-$200 range per place setting I would probably keep them all as place settings.

    If your china is one of the higher end patterns in the $250+ per place setting range, I would split them all up into individual plates.  My friends who insisted on the $500 Mottahedeh and Royal Crown Derby patterns did a lot better when they split the plates up.  Though even I, who love china, couldn't fathom spending $150 on a single dinner plate.

    Anyway, my suggestion is to keep it consistent.  Assuming your china is more reasonably priced, it will cost guests more to buy the pieces separately and many people do spend in the $100-$200 range for a wedding gift.  You're likely to get place settings regardless if how you list them in that instance. 
    My pattern retails for $130 and we only listed place settings.  We got all of them.  We did get a handful of stray plates from friends of my parents who didn't really know us but still wanted to get us something small (our salad plate was $25 so we got several of those - that made sense when considering their price).  The bulk of our china, however, came as place settings.  If people want to buy you a single plate, I promise they are smart enough to put your pattern into google or ebay and buy one that way.  Asking guests to "fulfill" single plates, though, doesn't make sense to me unless your price point is just really high to begin with.
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    I agree with @hoffse. Unless it is really expensive (like $300+) don't split it up. My parents have been known to buy the 20 piece set if it is available in the $300 range. If you want a cheaper china options for folks who don't want to by a full place setting consider registering for accent plates - they are sold individually. If you pick a place setting that goes on sale you'll be more likely to get them. Some never go on sale at Macy's.
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  • Thanks guys! I really appreciate your advice.

    The pattern is $180 a place setting (click here to see) so I will only register as sets. I thought my set was on the higher side - I also can't imagine spending $150 per plate! I would feel awful when I inevitably broke it.
  • Yep the $150 dinner plate is a thing in my circle, unfortunately. Actually the accent plates tend to be even more expensive because they are these elaborate little works of art. Granted, they are absolutely stunning patterns but still.... I know my friends never get a complete set as gifts, and I wonder whether they actually bother to complete it themselves or if they have other stuff they need to be buying instead.  I personally would be a lot more willing to complete a set that costs under $200 for the place setting than a set that costs $150 for the dinner plate. I also suspect they never ever use it, even for holidays, because they're too scared those pieces will break.

    Anyway, good choice - and I love love love that pattern.  I tried to get H to register for it but he's not into florals.  Oh well, I'm determined to at least get a tea set out of that pattern someday!
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  • I had this issue with the everyday I registered for at Crate & Barrel. They have single dishes and 4 setting sets. So it's either like less than $10 a piece or $115 for 4 settings. I chose to do the settings since I have a bunch of lower priced items on the the registries as well.. I would be annoyed having to purchase 8 different things to complete a set. Wish they would change it! 
  • Thanks again guys for your imput.

    @hoffse Thanks! I absolutely love them too. Initially I felt guilty (my mom thinks china is ridiculous) and was just going for a small luncheon set but decided this is the one time in my life I can really justify getting china so I'm doing a full set in that pattern. Fortunately my finace could care less and let me pick. I love the marchesa line. I think it looks pretty pricey without the $300 pricetag. At $180 a place setting I won't be devastated when I inevitably break one. By the way Macy's doesn't have it yet (they have teacups, saucers, creamer, sugar bowl) but I have found a teapot in that pattern so you totally could get enough for tea service!
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