Wedding Website?!?!

I still can't edit our wedding website and FMIL is driving me a little cray about it! Any help appreciated!
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Re: Wedding Website?!?!

  • i can't either :(  Will post on the mod board about it.
  • I have been trying to create mine as well....the instructions make no sense, seems like it just keeps loooping me around.
  • I tried it and gave up as well :( Admitting though, I really didn't try thattt long!
  • I put "edit wedding website" in the search bar at the top and a couple links popped up.  I just clicked on the first one and I was able to edit my website from there.
  • ok, here's what I think works for everyone.  In the blue header at the top of the webpage, just to the right of the middle, there is a tools list (Budgeter, Guest List, etc.)  Click on wedding website from there, and you should be good to go.
  • I've tried every botton on this site to try and edit my webpage and nothing has worked.  Does anyone know what the ending to the URL changes to when they login in and press "edit" on their web page?       (something is added here when you press edit)

  • Are you using the free ones offered by the knot?  If so, I have been able to do by clicking on "my website" in the blue banner on the left of the page...the original start page comes up, click on "start" under the free section for the will then take you to the section where you can edit your site and make's kind of a pain to go through each time but it works..just make sure you save at the end of each page :)  Hope that helps!
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