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Just wanted to share with people how much I love my momma...the only person I really talk to here is my FI so I'm gonna share with anyone willing to read!

FI and I moved in May, and now we live about 12 hours away from my hometown.  I have been missing home like crazy recently, so yesterday I randomly decided I would Skype with my mom (we usually just call on the phone...I've only ever used Skype with her once before).  What was initially just going to be a quick chat about just everyday stuff, turned into a 3 hour conversation.  She was asking me tons of questions about the wedding (the FI and I are paying for almost everything so she doesn't really NEED to be involved or anything...she was just being excited and asking).  Also, a couple months ago, my mom surprised me by booking our DJ and paying for it for us!  I, by no means, have asked or will ask for her to pay for anything (I know she can't afford much so I would never intentionally ask for anything), she just did it out of the goodness of her heart.  

So anyway, last night I talked to her on the phone and she said she really loved our conversation on Skype.  She also told me she called a few of the places we talked about and asked for them to send her menus and ordering catalogs and stuff (it wasn't to intervene or anything-it was just to be cute so she could chat about the stuff with me).  I just thought it was adorable how my mom is getting all excited and involved-I had to share! :)


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    That's sweet. Every time I spend time on TK I thank goodness for my mother (and FMIL) because there are so many demanding, manipulative, and/or condescending mothers out there. Make sure you tell her this!


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  • I love good moms =]

    My mom is wonderful. Both of my parents are throwing themselves full force into this wedding and even though we've only been engaged a short while they have already offered to pay for everything (of course we're not letting them cover every last bit, that would make me feel terrible) but that support is what's going to allow us to get married in such a short time, which is very important to us. And even though we're doing more non-traditional things, so far they have been incredibly supportive.

    She's also been contacting venues and caterers for me and helping me set up appointments since I'm so overwhelmed (I'm a full time student in the craziest semester of my life).

    Anyways, I'm glad your mom is wonderful too. It's great to see other people so lucky to have these wonderful women in their lives.
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