How many months out do you book a Florist ?

I was at a bridal show this weekend and feel in love with a florist that was there . She literally had my vision as her booth set up . When is the proper time to do all of that ? My wedding is in November 2014 . Is it to soon ?

Re: How many months out do you book a Florist ?

  • I would ask the florist but honestly I would say yes, it is too soon.  I mean you can certainly have her hold the date for you but they typically want a deposit to do that.  Did you talk to her about your budget and if what you saw can be done for what you are willing to pay?  Are the flowers you want and love going to be in season and easily receivable and not cost you an arm and a leg?  Are you 100% set on your color scheme?

  • I booked ours about a year out because I liked her work. I'm allowed to make changes to our contract up until 30 days out from the wedding (of course, costs may change according to what I would request). You might ask and see if that's an option from her.

    I would also continue to shop around for at least a few months if I were you. Make sure you have a few quotes for comparison. 
  • We put down a deposit 9 months out to book our date.
  • I also did mine about 9 months out. Do what maggie said, ask around, double check budgets, seasonality of flowers, etc. While my theme hasn't changed since I started booking, it has evolved. Keep that in mind as you plan, make sure you can make changes if needed.

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