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Would any one be willing to comment on catering costs (either what you're going with or the average you've found) and what's included (e.g. # apps/stations, open bar, # of main course choices, etc).  I feel like I can't narrow down a venue without considering what catering costs would be around (pp).  This would be for the Mystic area.  Please include if taxes and service charges are included!

If you wish to recommend your caterer then feel free to but I'm just looking for a general idea!


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  • Hey Stripes,

    We went with Emily's Catering, in bristol, but they travel all over the state.  We just had our tasting, WOW!  REALLY good, and they really work with you to make your vision.  We had so many caterers try to push passed apps on us, and we didn't want that.  Both fiance and I think it's awkward.  When we told that to rick (owner), he was like yeah, i get it, you want to spend your money on desserts!  he got it!!

    As far as prices go, they are not the cheapest in Ct, but they offer an excellent value for whats included.  We are getting everything we want, at a reasonable price.  what's included, square or round plates, gold or silver chargers, basic linens, glasses, place settings (anything you need for serving the food, all that).  There is a fee for set up, i think they call it a production fee which includes the cost of staff.  We are having a stations buffet.  Lets pause at that for a moment.  Other places we went to made me feel like an idiot when I called it a stations buffet, they were like, it's either stations or a buffet.  But with Emily's he was calling it a stations buffet too, and was even commenting about people going back up for seconds.  EXACTLY what we wanted!!

    Ok, back to details.  So, we are having welcome hot apple cider.  stationary cocktail hour apps, with one hot item on the table.  a plated salad.  a meat carving station with two meats and two sauces.  a risotto station with a bunch of mix ins including crab meat, and sirlion.  a soup station with two different soups and mini bread bowls. A crepe station with three different choices including one with duck.  (there are other small things i'm missing i'm sure).  For dessert, we are having a small cake (they are providing) in a style and flavor of our choice, and we did an odd choice, and they are doing it.  we are also having a dessert buffet, with things like fudge brownies, french macaroons, creme brulee, and some more I can't remember.  At dessert time, they will be having a tea, coffee, and hot chocolate station. 

    for our bar they let us customize with exactly how much liquor we wanted, and the way we wanted to have it, we decided open bar but with only the following.  We are doing two signature cocktails (both with a non-alcoholic version available) plus four wines, and four beers. (we will have no hard liquor, but they will also have the typical soft drinks and juice).

    So for all of the above we are paying about $120 per person. ( and i'll just say that certain food choices will probably change that.)  That may sound like a lot, but we are getting a lot.  Most of the other big caterers in CT were charging about the same per person, but that wouldn't include plates (or only the ugly cafeteria looking plates), or the chargers, or all the food we are getting!!!  We got sooo many $10000 quotes with basically 3 apps, 1 main menu choice (and were talking pasta), and a cake and maybe 3 desserts.  (we are getting like five).  Some of the things emily's doesn't do would be all the little pinterest touches you see out there.... like paper cones for app sweet potato fries.  Things like that.  But they still make it nice looking, and we can add our own decoration touches. 

    Sorry if that is a heck of a long post, but i'd like to pass the love.  Someone gave us them as a recommendation, and I am sooo glad.  Because we were getting really discouraged by the other choices.
  • I've used Emily's Catering for other events and I can second that recommendation- they are amazing!! 

    For our wedding we're at the Inn at Middletown, so they are providing the catering which makes me no help here lol.  You could e-mail or call area caterers and let them know your situation.  Tell them that you're considering X or Y venue in Mystic, and you'd like a rough idea of what catering is.  If you're up front that you haven't made any final decisions yet, I find that most vendors are happy to give you a rough estimate or tell you what average catering amounts are for the venue.  From my own research when we considered Mystic, I'd figure on at least 100$ pp.  I might still have menus or estimates I was given, I'd be happy to forward them to you.
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