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Wedding Dress second thoughts

Just like every girl out there I have this image of the dress I am going to be walking down the isle in.  But here is where it gets trickey.  I was engaged before had the dress of my dreams at the tips of my fingers, when we decided to break things off.  (Best decision we ever made) Now I have bought a dress I liked and thought wow what a great deal; its very slimming and beautiful beading and I do look good... but I cant get what I have imagined out of my head. 

My entire group says "Different wedding, different dress"  but I cant seem to let it go. 


Re: Wedding Dress second thoughts

  • Stop thinking about it.  Do you have your dress in hand?  If you do, get it out and look at it.  I used to doubt my dress until I would put it on again and then I remembered why I bought it.  You will be glad you bought a different dress in the end I bet.  On your wedding day, you won't want any reminders of the past.
  • I agree with Stefie. I think a lot of brides have dress regret, even without having a first dress to compare it to (I know I did). Usually there's a long time in between when you order it and when you actually get it which can lead to some anxiety in the meantime. The best advice that I have is to STOP looking at other dresses! If you're anything like me, you may be stalking wedding blogs every other day (and that's fine) but try to avoid skipping down to read the designer's name (then checking out that designer's website/line), browsing dresses on Pinterest, or checking out anymore wedding dress shop websites. You already committed to the dress, and there's a reason why you picked the one you did, but if you keep browsing you'll just keep convincing yourself that there could be something better out there. 

    Also, do you have any pics of the dress? Maybe we can help to reassure you of how awesome it is...

  • I ordered my dress about two months ago. The sales lady gave me an estimate that it wouldn't probably come in until February. So, to keep my anxiety down I had my sister and friends send me the pictures of my dress. Just in case I feel nervous I can look at the pictures, and remember why I chose it in the first place. I think its a normal thing to second guess and agree with PP on her statement. Its hard to not look at other dresses while being on Pinterest or other websites, but it helps me not get anxious and second guess my dress. I wouldn't dwell too much into it as I am sure its a beautiful dress and you will look lovely in it. :)
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