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Re-sizing ring vs. Tiffany beads

I'm trying to decide if I want to re-size my rings (I'd go down a quarter size), or if I want to add those Tiffany sizing beads. I've read that some people think the Tiffany beads are uncomfortable. The cost are close - about $50 to size my ring down, or else $80 to get the beads added. Any thoughts?

Re: Re-sizing ring vs. Tiffany beads

  • I'd get it resized. It's cheaper and you won't have to possibly deal with uncomfortable beads. Is there a reason you don't want it resized?
  • Unless your jeweler recommends putting in the beads because it will impact the structure or design of your ring, I'd get it resized. 
    I had beads put into a ring, and they are incredibly weird and uncomfortable feeling.  I regret having it done and I've stopped wearing the ring altogether.  

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  • I was worried that the ring would be tight during the summer or whenever I get pregnant. I'm wearing a size 5 right now, and it fit fine during the hot summer months. It's definitely looser now. One store told me I should wear a 4.5, but I couldn't get it off until the guy told me to relax my hand. I just don't want to keep having it resized as I get older and go through the life events.
  • Try a removable ring snuggie.  Costs $3 and you can get them on
  • The beads are fine. I did them and they worked for me!
  • thanks for all of the input!
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