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Up or down hair in the Las Vegas heat?!

I'm not too sure how to have my hair for my big day? I really do prefer my hair down but if it's going to look rubbish after a couple of hours in the July heat then I may have to have an up style? What did everyone else do for their big day? Or what do you plan on doing? We will be outside for a while in the heat for photos etc...not sure what do do???

Re: Up or down hair in the Las Vegas heat?!

  • Im going up. Mainly cos I love the look of bridal updos but also cos I think thats a 'safer' way to style for the day.

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  • I always pictured myself as a "half-up" girl, but eventually decided on an updo because by the end of the night, I don't want my hair to look limp and strung out.
    If you'll be outside for just a little bit for photos, you may be ok, but Mo's right, it might be the safer decision to go updo.
  • I am getting married in Aug and I will have it up... It is way too hot to have to deal with it. Good luck

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    I had my hair down in loose waves for my wedding in July at 3pm, my hair lasted well with the ceremony outside and one hour of photos outside. The temp must have been about 112. I did consider half up but I wanted a fairly relaxed look and my hair is down 95% of the time. My two cousins, with similar hair also had their hair down which lasted well. My hair was still good the following day.
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    Good to hear your experience @spoon1984 - especially being a UK girl like me!

    I really want to wear my hair down (or maybe with a bit up), I'm growing it as long as possible specially! But I struggled in our 82 degree heatwave this summer and I'm worried that if its that hot in April for our wedding I'll need to have it up to cope! I haven't really seen any updo's that I like so its a bit of a concern for me ....

    Dee - I think it depends on what you're used to, and how much you'll be outside. We have the DDB for 2 hours and I figure it will be pretty hot up there!

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  • @jiimanie I really struggled coming back to Glasgow after being in Vegas! Considering I was coming back to temps that were at least 35 degrees cooler it seems unbelievable. The dry heat and having air con everywhere makes a huge difference. My makeup stayed on perfectly too. I just felt hot and bothered getting ready at home when I was back. As long as you have options /pictures you can always see how you feel once you're there. It's one of the few things that doesn't need to be set in stone!
  • Thanks @spoon1984 I am doing my research and trying to accumulate options, my trial is on my 3rd day in Vegas so I'll know by then whether or not I can handle the temperatures with my hair down!

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • Ladies, who did your hair and makeup and were you happy with the results?
  • I didn't want anyone coming to my room so I went to the salon where I was staying; Cosmopolitan. Everything was great but pricey $300 for hair, make-up, spray tan and lashes.
  • I struggled with this very decision - - I think in the end you should go with the style you prefer on you.  In my case, I wanted to wear my hair down, because I wear it up and away from my face every day (not fancy, but more of a "pull it up in a clip and run out the door" style.)  I got married in August and was worried that it if I curled it while down that it would be flat in no time.  Ceremony was at 7 pm, on a shaded covered deck. We did pics before hand, mostly inside, but we went outside for maybe 15 minutes for pictures until I called it quits.  All in all, it stayed pretty well curled.  It was a little dropey by midnight, but I think that was from many hours of dancing.  I was happy with it all through photos and ceremony, and didn't pay attention afterwards.  I had Harmony Medina do my hair and make up.  I will say this - - I LOVED the airbrush makeup in the heat.  It stayed on and didn't smudge at all. 

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  • Thanks everyone, it's great to hear everyone's experiences. I really do prefer my hair down and I have seen some great pictures online that I like. Harmony is also doing my hair and make up. I'm really excited to get my hair and make up done professionally!

    The only thing that I have been told is that at the top of my dress there is a lot of lass detailing which my hair may cover some if it. The dress maker said that I should have my hair up so I can show it off! Anyway...I guess that's a choice I need to decide!


    Thanks everyone, hopefully half a can of hairspray will hold my curls into place!

  • I had a blow out at a salon before a wedding a few weeks ago. My hair looked awesome, lots of volume and curls. I kept spraying it whenever I went into the ladies room (there was spray in the bathroom basket). It did stay! I will definitely be bringing a mini can of Aqua-Net with me on the big day!
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  • The heat is very, very dry, so if you are worried about frizz, don't be. You should be okay with any style.

    What I'd be concerned about is being too warm if it's down. If your wedding is outdoors, you might want to wear it up just to keep it off your neck. On the other hand, having it down would protect your neck and shoulders from the sun (if they aren't usually exposed to sun like that).

    Basically, I would wear it however you're comfortable and express any concerns to your stylist. She can add leave-in conditioner or some other protectant to help the style "keep" whether you're in the heat or inside most of the day.
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