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Slow Motion Video Booth

I came across a video of a slow motion video booth, which is a very cool hip idea.  But I cannot find any vendors in the Cincinnati area.  I was curious if anyone has done something like this, knows of anyone that is doing it, or has any idea on the cost?  I found a company in Nashville that does it, but the cost is 5k.  Is that too much?  With that 5k you get live video feeds of the people in the booth sent to a tv screen by the dance floor and a special twitter #tag that is updating live videos at the wedding.  I think this experience will be very unique and engaging for my guests.  Is this the next hip wedding fab, that i stumbled upon?  

Here's a link to what it looks like


Re: Slow Motion Video Booth

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    Try posting this to your local board - this is international, so not as many people are familiar with vendors in your area. I'd also use TK's vendor search and call around to ask. 

    I would not pay $5K for this, but if you like it, go for it.

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    I think they're still pretty rare. There's a company in STL that will do it by special request, but they're actually a filming company who shoots commercials.

    Very cool, though. I showed my husband videos of the slow-motion booths a couple of weeks before or wedding and he must have been high or something because he then got the impression that I had rented one and proceeded to brag to EVERYONE he knew about it. So a bunch of his friends were very disappointed at the wedding and I'm teasing him relentlessly.
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    I don't know if you are a DIY-er at all, or have some friends with a DLSR that shoots 1080p or an HDVR. But this would be very simple to record and edit. 

    All you'd need is one of those cameras, remote control camera control (if no one was staffing), a backdrop/fixed location for camera (I've seen some cool ones made of PVC piping, fabric & a small plexiglass box for camera), instructions (including a time limit, if not available on camera), extra SDI cards or whatever the memory format is for the camera. Editing in really any software...splice it and slow frames down. 

    I'll come do it for $4500 ;) JK
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