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Donut station/food truck?

My fiance LOVES donuts and rather than offer the more-common snack of pizza, I would love to serve up some donuts to our guests.  A few questions for the brides out there:

1) Is this is a lame idea?  Will people enjoy eating donuts on top of beer/wine?

2) If I did a donut station, how do you think I should set it up? 

3) Any local bakeries you could recommend?

4) Food trucks that offer donuts?


Re: Donut station/food truck?

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    1. Doughnuts!  I would probably go to a wedding just for that. Also, if you're serving coffee after the cake cutting that would be a great time to have your doughnut table.  Not everyone will be drinking beer/wine.  Plus I would totally skip a beer for a doughnut.

    I have no idea for the rest of your questions.  Good luck, though.

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    I don't know about a place that would provide them, but mini-donuts or donut holes also sound like great fun.
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