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Are any of you ladies freaking out yet??!! I am kind of. What is it that you have left to do before you big day?

I still need a florist, favors, plan rehearsal dinner, gifts for bridal entourage, flower girl dress, ring bearer suit, and to get the groomsmen suits.

Re: 5 MONTHS AWAY!!!!!

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    I need accessories and undergarments for my dress, confirm photographer and write my vows.
    For my party in March still need to finalize guest list, decide DJ/Ipod and pick menu.  

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    Oh crap I need undergarments too lol

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    I was freaking out - I'm four months away right now, so that's a little crazy (four months yesterday).  I need a ton of stuff too, but I just hope that it all falls into place.  I still need undergarments, alterations, bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid gifts, a caterer (yes, one of the most important things and apparently he thought my 7 months of silence meant I wasn't going with him, while meanwhile I was out of the friggin country), hairstylist, and I have to contact my decorator.  Craziness!

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    I'm starting to feel like it's getting real! I have to arrange transportation and decide about programs and menus. Also, need to arrange tasting.
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    I think I kinda have things under control....but it's still so nerve wrecking! I want to get so much more done but I have to wait till my venue gives us the go ahead on when to make final decisions on menu...waiting on my date to get together with my girls to pick their dresses...waiting to pick a date for my rehersal and rehersal dinner... So much more to do and the waiting is what drives me the craziest since I like to do everything in advance. When is early too early? lol It's just 4 months away!!

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    We have to order table clothes for the reception hall, finalize an invitation design, design any other paper goods for the evening, pick out the invitation card stock, pick out tuxes, find the 2nd half of the groomsmen gift, order flower girl dresses and shoes, make bouts and ribbon wands, pick out brooches for the mothers, do the mock up for the flowers, set up an appointment for the caterers to see the reception hall and plan the rehearsal dinner. I think that's it. We just finalized the limo and picked ties out for the groomsmen. Oh and just pay for everything! My God!
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    It always seems like so much when you list it out.  Which can get depressing.  I'm going to focus on what I have gotten done for a bit.

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