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Anyone seen these before?

I am looking for something similar to this to hold our table names up. 

Has anyone seen anything like it before? 

Its a card holder that you attach to a bottle of wine and it will hold your table name/number in place. 

I didn't want to use the standard restaurant style number holders. 
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Re: Anyone seen these before?

  • Etsy sells them. Just do a search and they should come up. I don't remember the pricing for them.
  • hmm, looks like they might just be using silver craft wire...I'm gonna stop by the craft store on my way home and see if I can make these myself! :) If the wire is only $5..no sense in paying someone else $20 to do it. hehe
  • I made my own like that with wire I had bought for hangers that I didn't make. They work well - though it's not very tight so the table numbers shift a little bit.

    That's one detail I decided to not care to much about - people will be able to get to their tables initially and that's what matters.
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  • I'm carving my table numbers into a pumpkin... Well - that is my game plan...I am testing it out on a pumpkin first :) - If not I'm poking table number holder (like the one you have shown) into the pumpkin. :)
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