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PSA: Groomswomen/Bridesmen

I just want to throw this out there for any newly engaged brides who are choosing their wedding party. If you have guy friends/family or your FI has female friends/family who you would like to be in the WP, please consider making them bridesmen or groomswomen. I really, really wish I had done this. There are so many stupid situations that can be avoided by just putting people on the side of the person they "go" with, regardless of gender. 

I hope someone learns from my mistake!
Blue_Bird[Deleted User]

Re: PSA: Groomswomen/Bridesmen

  • I am with you on this one! My wedding is a year away but we know my brother and his sister will be in the WP (along with my twin sister and he has twin brothers). He is closest with his sister so I thought it would be nice if she stood on his side and my brother on my side. I know they are there to support both of us, but really she's there for him as my brother is for me. I have nothing against his sister, we get along great, I just thought it would be something special for the two of them. I thought about it as she would still be a bridesmaid and included in anything, just would stand on his side. I got shot down real fast though. It doesn't sound like a horrible idea to me, but he insisted she would be super offended blah blah everyone would think I didn't like her or want her on my side. Again, she's a very sweet person and I like her a lot. Oh well, I lost that one. Nice to see though that someone else agrees!

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  • Yes x100. The people who stand up to support you at your wedding should be your nearest and dearest, regardless of gender, family relation, personal appearance, or whether you were in their wedding party.
  • I definitely agree! When my sister got married, her FI had his best man, then his sister and one of his best (female) friends as groomswomen. A few people thought it was odd or looked confused, so sometimes she just told people there were 5 bridesmaids, but it was perfect for them. The groomswomen came to her showers, bachelorette and got ready with us that morning. :)
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    @ifeelgoodifeelgreatifeelwonderful, I hope you stood your ground about your brother!
  • @blue_bird I'm still working on it. I don't feel that strongly about it either way, I just thought it was a nice idea. Either way they will both still be there with us.

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  • We did this - DH had his four closest friends stand up with him. One of them happens to be a woman. It would have been ridiculous to not include her just because she's female, and she and I are cordial but not friends so having her on my side was definitely not an option. When figuring out BP attire we asked her for her preferences - she said she wanted to wear a dress so we came up with the idea of having her order a dress by the same designer as the BM dresses but wear it in gray since the GM were wearing gray. She loved it, pictures looked beautiful, and everyone was happy.
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    We just finalized our WP-my side was easy with my sister as MOH and three of my best friends (one of whom is my roommate) from college filling out my side. My FI doesn't really have guy friends-just his two best friends growing up-so he's asked two of his best friends from college who happen to be women to also be groomswomen. They're really excited and honored to be included, and we're really excited to have them stand with us.
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