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Live Stream- Spreading the word?

Do any of you have live streams of your wedding that you are going to invite people to watch?

Long story short, I have a very, very large family and we're only inviting immediate family, grandparents, & a couple life-long friends. Family members understand our need to keep it small (budget, just bought a house, dad very ill) and have expressed excitement at the prospect of watching it live.

I'd like to spread the word but I don't want it to come off as an after thought, a gift grab, or anything like that. I just want to give the option to people who want it. Do you think just an email blast is appropriate? Should I send out a card/announcement with a link to the stream? Are any of you doing anything similar?

Wedding is in 19 days, so I need to make a decision! :)

Re: Live Stream- Spreading the word?

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    I just did this a few days ago. This is the exact email I sent out:


    As you all may know Petar and I are getting married in Vegas on October 13. Since we are getting down to the last few weeks I wanted to let you all know that our ceremony will be available for viewing online. It is supposed to be aired live but in case something isn't working properly it will be aired for 7 days after the wedding as well. Our ceremony is at 3:00 pm Pacific Standard time so for those of you in Ontario that would be 6pm.

    Go to the following link and enter the groom's full name (Petar Fantov). You should be able to then view the wedding from the comfort of your own home :)

    We wish you could all be there to celebrate our big day with us but we know that you will be there in our hearts.

    Love to you all,
    Kira & Petar

    P.S. Please feel free to forward this to anyone I might have missed.
    Most people are super pumped that they are able to watch it online :)
  • ohhh! your wedding is the day before mine!   :)

    Thanks for this! It's super helpful.
  • That's awesome! Where are you getting married? We are in the Chappel du Paradis at Paris.
  • I indulged my fiancé and we are having in Elvis wedding. Viva Las Vegas In their garden chapel with an in suite reception at The Cosmopolitan.
  • I asked this same question in a previous post. Someone suggested sending a postcard FROM Las Vegas saying something like "We are getting married in a few days. Please join us by viewing the ceremony live on The ceremony will be viewable for 8 weeks online. We love you!" I am planning on handwriting them and sending them from our house before we leave for Las Vegas. We too, have a huge family, and a small budget.
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