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Restaurant as my venue

I will be having a rather small wedding and would like it to be at a restaurant with great atmosphere/more intimate vibe, but want to make sure we can dance.  I'm trying to figure out restaurants in the Pittsburgh area that would actually have a party space where they would permit a DJ.  I checked our favorite restaurant, NOLA on the Square, and they have this awesome space that seats 40 upstairs...nice wordwork, etc., but they don't have room or allow for a DJ because it would disrupt the dinner crowd below.  Has anyone been to a smaller wedding (or another event) in the area where a DJ was able to set up but it was a restaurant?  I like the downtown area because we could just walk to a hotel afterwards, but at this point I'm just gathering info.  Thanks!

Re: Restaurant as my venue

  • Hi Jenn77b! I haven't posted here at all yet, but yours caught my eye. I am having my reception at Olive or Twist downtown. They have an AMAZING upstairs space that can fit up to 135 people w/ room for a DJ and a dance floor. It's all casual seating though, no tables and chairs. They have couches and lounge chairs w/ coffee tables. There is seating at the bar and a few high top cafe tables. I thought their prices were VERY reasonable and Brandon, their event manager, has been nothing but nice and accommodating. PM if you'd like more info! If you email their "info" email address, it goes directly to Brandon and he works a 3pm-10pm shift, so he usually answers during the 2nd half of the day. 

    Let me know if you have any questions about i! 
  • jenn77bjenn77b member
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    Hey there and thanks! I actually was aware of that as a venue. My friend went to a wedding reception there so I have checked out their page. Not sure how my older folks would feel about there being no tables, but that is on my list and thanks for the positive feedback. I've been there a couple of times and had some great appetizers there. I'm glad to know you've had such a great experience thus far. I will definitely check with you if I have some specific questions. Thanks for the offer!
  • Depending on where you are from and how far you want to travel, check out Grazie in Wexford and Echo in Cranberry Twp.

  • Hey thanks for those suggestions. At this point I am open to exploring a lot of areas geographically, as long as it's somewhat convenient to hotels. I will look those up.
  • I'm having my reception at Hyeholde Restaurant in Moon Township.  It is a beautiful location and convenient to lots of airport area hotels.  Actually the hotel we booked for the wedding night is providing a free shuttle service for our guests!  Their reception room is a bit small (probably fits about 80 comfortably although they say 100), but if you are having a smaller wedding I think you would have plenty of room for a DJ and dancing. 

    Good luck with your search!
  • jenn77bjenn77b member
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    Ahhh yes. I have to ask, is there really no option for an open bar? I've read their materials online and frankly I grew up near there and my mom has always wanted to eat there and we never have. Thanks for reminding me of that place. I kinda had it on the back burner. Which hotel?  I was looking at Robin Hill Park but I'm just not into much DIY which is why I would like a restaurant. At this point my FI is saying 50 or less guests so the Hyeholde would be perfect. Are you having your ceremony there? That would be my preference.
  • You could do LeMont on a non-Saturday.  They have a pay by the drink bar.

    I had my reception at the Embassy Suites.  Everyone was very happy with the accommodations there.

  • We're having the ceremony at the Hyeholde too in the garden right outside the reception space (or inside if it rains).  I was going to mention the bar thing in my original post and completely forgot!  You're right there's no package for open bar it's based on consumption.  I'm doing beer and house wine and liquor hosted.  It will still be pretty pricey even without the premium brands.  I figured the food was fairly affordable so we could add a bit of the budget to alcohol.

    Our room block is at the Airport Courtyard Marriott.  I think they have a deal with the Hyeholde, because they contacted me before I even began looking for hotels and room blocks.  I considered Robin Hill too but didn't want to do so much DIY.  Feel free to PM me with any questions! 
  • The Willow is beautiful!
  • jenn77bjenn77b member
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    Thanks, all!  SLPbride82, I thank you very much for the details.  I am falling in love with the Hyeholde...it may just be the place for us!  Looks like it would be great anytime of year, too, as far as the atmosphere of the place.  It would be nice to do the outdoor ceremony vs. inside, but it's nice there's a back-up plan.  I agree, the food in general is affordable.  I really have to consider the liquor aspect, but the place itself looks awesome and I've always heard good things about their food. 

    The Willow is one that I've also looked at online.  I wasn't sure if you could bring in a DJ there...it doesn't seem like there are actual private rooms.  Does anyone know if there is room for dancing?  If, so, it's a strong consideration.  But it's not too close to hotels.
  •  Hi csuave

    I'm considering Embassy Suites for both my wedding and reception. Any prons and cons to dealing with this venue?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!!


  • @diamond9928 I only have good things to say about the Embassy Suites.  Their packages include everything so there isn't too much a bride has to worry about in going with them.  Food is excellent.  They will work with you on your ideas and getting the details that you want -- we had a couple of things "off menu" like our mini pierogie appetizer and Pittsburgh style salad to go with our Pittsburgh theme.

    Another pro is it is scenic inside and out.  You could easily take pictures there and if it rains there are enough places inside to get some good pictures.

    The hotel rooms are spacious and block rate is good.  They handed out my welcome bags with no issues.

    Great staff to work with overall.  I highly recommend it.

  • Hi SLPbride82, I sent you a pm re: the Hyeholde.
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