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Altering a dress down... Am I "allowed" to lose weight?!

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I recently purchased my bridal gown for my August 9th wedding! Its an off the rack sample dress, strapless satin a-line with an asymmetrically draped bodice and corset boning/corset closure.

Here's the problem: I'm a street size 10. The dress is a size 14 and even though dresses run small it was definitely too big and will need to be taken in between 1 & 2 sizes as is (I'm wearing lots of clamps in the picture). This didn't raise any alarm bells for staff at the bridal shop. I didn't think about the additional weight I would like to lose though... I am 5'6" between 145-150 pounds, hoping to drop down to 130 which could drop another 2 sizes.

Do you think this dress will be able to be altered 3-4 sizes? It does have corset boning and a corset laced back. Anyone else end up altering in this much or more without problems??

Re: Altering a dress down... Am I "allowed" to lose weight?!

  • I would say consult with a seamstress but I am down about 3 sizes from the dress I bought and my bridal salon said dresses can easily be altered down 3-4 sizes without changing the integrity of the dress.

    My first fitting is in 2 weeks, so I can let you know how it goes! Basically I was in the same boat, I am 5'5 and weighed 150 in May and I am down to 127 (2-3 sizes).
  • When I asked the salon. They said that they typically can do 2 sizes. So I bought a dress in a size 8, and they can go from 4 to 12. Mine also has a corset and boning (which is why I asked)

    mrspizanotobe Good job, I am also 5'5 and want to get to 125 (currently 140) tell me your secrets :)
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  • @Grabows14. FI and I decided to do South Beach Diet and we started this past May. We also signed up for the gym together and I did weights (obviously much lower weights) with him and cardio about 4 or 5 times a week. That honestly took most of the weight off. SB worked super well because I could focus more on foods I could eat rather than feeling super deprived and I didn't have to count calories which was great. 

    Now that I have better endurance, I decided to do the Insanity workouts with FI. They are killer but we are both seeing great results! I am in phase 3 of South Beach, so I basically eat everything in moderation now and being on an intense workout plan, I eat way more calories (like 1900 a day) than I was initially on the plan. The only reason I count calories now is to make sure I eat enough. I need to fuel myself for the intensity of Insanity. 

    The key is finding an eating plan you can stick to and exercise you can enjoy or for me I like being pushed, so having FI be my workout partner has worked perfectly. Maybe for you it's classes, jogging, swimming or workout DVDs but there is always something for everyone. I have done everything from step classes, kickboxing, zumba, boxing, weight lifting, every cardio machine in the gym to Jillian Michaels and Beachbody workouts. I get bored, so I always switch it up! 
  • @mrspizanotobe
    We did P90X and P90X2 and that was awesome. Only problem was staying on the diet in the second one.

    Thanks for tip, I will have to look into the South Beach Diet!
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  • @Grabows 14, I can't emphasize how doing some heavier weight work changed my body too! Building on some extra muscle worked wonders for me and helped me lose the flab. 

    If you got through P90X, you should try Insanity if you are open to it. It's way more cardio and has helped me lose the last few pounds I was looking for and lean out more. 
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