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Wedding Photographer Advise and Major Anxiety!

We just found out our photographer is no longer taking new clients due to personal reasons, and just finishing up the wedding scheduled through next year. Their website disabled, no new post through FB, basically no longer utilizing any form of social media. Not that social media is a deal breaker, but our wedding is not until May 2014 leaving me with 8 more months of wondering what their pictures look like, client feedback/reviews, style, professional growth, etc. While they have agreed to honor the contract, it still leaves me extremely anxious moving forward with them as a photographer -- And leaves me nervous that personal issues could further inhibit their business (or closing business) leaving me close to the wedding sans a photographer. It seems the smartest move right now is to just back out of the contract (which has been offered) but I feel that is being extremely rash. Thoughts?

Re: Wedding Photographer Advise and Major Anxiety!

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