Picture Woes....Did anyone else feel like this?

Hey girls! 
My wedding was a couple of weeks ago and I just got my proofs back from the photographer.  I LOVE my pictures!  So what is the problem?  I am so sad about pictures that are not there.  I feel like I had so many pictures in mind that I wanted to take with certain friends or family that just didn't happen.  I also wish my husband and I would have done some more poses that were more "us".  Did anyone else feel this way???  How can I love the pictures that I have, but feel so sad about the ones that I don't have?  Any advice/thoughts?

Re: Picture Woes....Did anyone else feel like this?

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    Well, you could always do a trash the dress session to have more pictures with your husband.

    I say embrace what you have. You could reach out to friends and thank them for coming if that would make you feel more connected to them. But, you can't recreate the day.
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    My photographer did this "Day After" session with a couple (the bride ended up being my Etsy Seller for my Invites... totally a coincidence!!!)  It's not necessarily a "Trash the Dress" session as much as it was a chance for them to get together and take some more beautiful pics together.

    I can understand being sad and feeling like you missed out on some things, but, if taking more pics isn't an option, I'd say to try to let go of what "isn't."  Try your best to be happy with what "is."  I have a feeling we'll all look at our pics and realize we're missing something (I'll find out in 2 months!).


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    My friend had the same problem.  She had an AWESOME photographer but wasn't happy with all of the pictures.  So, for their one year anniversary, they are dressing up in their wedding clothes and hiring a photog to re-take some images they couldn't get during their wedding.. I think they may do a trash the dress as well. 

    I'm fortunate that my photog told me to make a list of all the picutres I want, who I want them with, etc.. and we'll just check if off throughout the night to make sure  we cover everything.  At first I didn't think we were going to make one, but after hearing stories like yours and my friend's we just may do it.
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    Alot of the shots that were missed in my wedding were things that I would not have even put on a list....things that I assumed to be standard.
    Examples: My mom being walked down the aisle, a picture of the headtable all together, a picture of the reception room tables etc, centerpieces.

    Somehow these shots are just not there.  Not sure why not though.  The pictures that I do have are great.  But I keep looking for these other shots knowing they aren't there.  I think the photoshoot afterwards sounds nice, but seems kind of fake to me, so I don't think I will do it.  I just wandered if this was happening with other people.
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    So sorry you feel this way - it's not a good thing to have regrets :( Do you think it might make you feel better if you mentioned how you feel to your photographer? Be sure you say that you love what you have but let her know what you would have liked to have had. I think two good things could come of it -

    1) she might have some very good reason she couldn't capture those things - like, she really wanted to get a shot of you with your dad or bridesmaids before you came down the aisle and missed your mom, or maybe you arrived at the reception with so little time that she had to run to the bathroom or something?

    2) it might help future brides if she learns that this kind of thing is important to them :)
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    We did make a mention of the missing shots to his photographer....he said that he didn't put everything up online, so that he may have some of the shots, but had chosen not to include them because someone wasn't looking or it wasn't the best shot.  He is going to go back through and look for some of them because a shot that isn't perfect is better than nothing at all. So I am hoping for the best.  On the flip side...the pics he took are complaints there :)   I think as a bride we just want to capture it is hard to be realistic about what one photographer can do. 
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    We had a TON of photos (we did first look and many, many before the ceremony even starte) but when we got our proofs a few days ago, I kinda had a similar feeling like something is missing. We had a long list of "must do" shots and our photographers captured every single one but there's certain obvious ones I didn't think of and wish we got, so now I'm moping about it : /
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