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Drop-off BBQ?

Due to liability concerns of the owner of our rental, we can't hire an on-site caterer or even a private chef for our small vow renewal/celebration dinner (appx 20 people, all staying at the house). We still want to provide a nice, sit-down meal for our guests but have decided that a drop-off BBQ will probably be the best option for us due to the restrictions we have. I would like to have done something a little fancier, but honestly, most of the people attending would appreciate good BBQ more than steak and seafood anyway - and I love that it would speak to the area in which we're staying.

My question is...first, is there a concensus of the 'best' out there, or the top few even? I have looked and there are so many to choose from, I don't know where to begin! Also...if you have used the 'drop-off' bbq catering aspect, how is it delivered? Do they just bring everything in foil pans and leave it for you to set it up or do they set it all up ready-to-serve, and then leave? Ideally I would have loved to have it catered in such that it could be set up while we are renewing our vows and could come back to everything ready...but I don't think that's feasible with the options we have available. :(

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    We used Currituck BBQ for our Rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. Their food a traditional Carolina style and is AMAZING! We had them deliver everything to our rental house. It came right on time in foil pans and we set everything up ourselves. I am sure if you asked, they could do set up for you. They do full wedding catering as well so they are accustomed to doing catering style meals as well. There prices are very affordable too.

  • Suggestion for you would be Coastal Provisions. They have "pot meals" where they just drop off the food, or you can pick up, that way you wouldn't have to get bbq if you didn't want it. The food is delicious, we tasted there, but ended up not using them because of our wedding location. That option would not allow for set-up service though. I don't think most of the drop off or pick up catering options would come with service set-up, but you never know.
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