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October 2013 Weddings

Single digits out....

9 days. (I'm one of those 10/5 girls!!)


And now I feel like I don't want to do anything but focus on the wedding. It is now almost 10am at work. Let me tell you how productive I have been...... I emailed my caterer, organized my guest list spreadsheet with the food and table numbers added, prepared a payment for our caterer, asked a couple of questions. I also added my cousins new boyfriend and worked out seating arrangements for that. (notice how it's not work?)

I should have just taken all vacation leading up to it! All I can think about is packing lists and timelines and phone calls I need to make. 

I can't wait!
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Re: Single digits out....

  • I'm so surprised you girls are already at 9 days out. This is crazy! 
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  • I actually have to work. My last day is 10/1 and I have to train a new girl that day, plus make sure my boss' files are all ready for court when I am gone.

    This weekend I am making chocolate covered pretzel rods for the candy buffet, folding all seating cards, and making sure everything is organized to what location it needs to be at. I honestly cant think if I have anything else to do, besides pay people and the only thing that needs to be paid yet is the venue (Tuesday), hair stylist, dress alterations, and tips.


  • Yea I intentionally didn't take briefings for next week or the following week because of my vacation time so I am also kind of slow at work right now. Lots of manual labor to do - unpacking promo items! yay!
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  • @prettybirdy27 - i'm looks at 57* with 60% chance of rain - though the days leading up to it are sunny and 70, so I am going to hold out for that!
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  • Ughhhh, the forecast for my area changed to 62 and 60% chance of rain. Blahhhhhhh all our pictures are going to be outdoors.
    Yea, I saw that (I'm a MN bride as well). I know it will probably change a bunch of times, but I will most likely check the weather an unhealthy amount of times. 
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  • Right now Friday looks like around 70 with a 30% chance of rain. Not bad!
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  • Majelin86Majelin86 member
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    Yes focusing on work is difficult right now!! I have been so tired at work because I've been staying up later to get things done and I'm coming down with a cold (8 days out, NOOOOO) but I feel like people at work don't understand!


    60% chance of rain for my area, 17 degrees Celsius too :S

  • So excited 73 and mostly sunny! I can't focus on work at all, but I only have a half day Wednesday, which just happens to be my birthday, then I'm off for two weeks!
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