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Looking for gamer/geeky brides!

So far I've met ladies who had Harry Potter, lolita, elven/renaissance, comic/superhero, and gamer weddings, and I would love to meet even more.

FH and I are avid gamers (PS3, PC and retro), love HP, and other sci-fi/fantasy series, and will be incorporating our love of all things geeky into our big day. What do you and your FH/hubby enjoy, and how does it fit into your wedding or plans?

Re: Looking for gamer/geeky brides!

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    Why did you post this on 6 different boards and not bother to respond to anyone with your own ideas?

  • Because I was called into work shortly after. 

    FH and I are huge geeks but wanted a really traditional ceremony with small touches, so we compromised on the following:

    -For our first look he will have a Batman shirt underneath his tux and will do the 'superhero getting undressed pose'. Lol
    -During the ceremony we will have a pianist playing slow classical music, but when the ring bearers come down the aisle she will switch to the Mission Impossible theme, and the boys will have sunglasses and briefcases like little secret agents.
    -At the reception we have a DIY photobooth with the background as Gotham (city from Batman), and superhero/villain masks from our favorite series, like Batman, Xmen, Avengers, Star Wars, and Ninja Turtles. (NO JUDGEMENT! 

    Surprises FH doesn't know about is even more fun:
    -For those of you who are familiar with the PS3, when you gain an achievement in a game you get what's called a trophy. For my honey after the kiss I've arranged for his Best Man to hold up a sign that says. "You have earned an achievement, You may now kiss your bride".
    -Also he has no idea that he will be getting a groom's cake at the reception. I told him we didn't have the money for it and he totally bought it. His treat is a mini fondant cake with Batman and Catwoman on top. 

    -And for his wedding gifts he's getting a nice Batman watch (looks traditional until you get close), photo album from my boudoir shoot, and a ballcap from his favorite team (he never throws away the old nasty ones, so if it's a *Wedding* gift hopefully he'll wear the nice new one!)
  • My FI and i absolutely love video games and comics, star trek, star wars... everything nerdy! lol :) 
    we are going to try and incorporate a mixture of everything. FI and his groomsmen will all have superhero shirts under their tuxes for pics. the tables will be named either after our favorite games or good vs bad guys from video games/comics. our groom cake will be either the death star or R2D2 :D 
    still brainstorming since its a year out ! OH! and our save the dates are comic style. they are so cute!  
    I think your grooms cake surprise is super sweet!  and the tuxes for the ring bearer... ADORBS!!!!! 

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    I apologize for my first post. I thought you were a spammer of sort, Sorry! Your stuff sounds super cute. AW when you get pics!


  • All is forgiven chibiyui ;)

    @Aluzardo I love the table ideas! Why did we not think of this?!
  • My FI and I are avid gamers (Xbox360) and love all things nerdy as well. I found some really cool Joker/Harley Quinn comic book stilettos I will be wearing for my wedding. @Aluzardo love all of your nerdy you are incorporating into your wedding!
  • We are subtly trying to include our nerdy sides. In fact I have an intense love of octopi and that will be a major theme in the wedding, but we chose to only fully incorporate our most beloved shared nerdism, which is The Legend of Zelda. We're hoping to make our recessional the Wind Waker theme, include the zora sapphire design wise, various hidden triforces etc. Things that only our close friends and fellow nerds will notice but that Grandma will see and think looks lovely and not really care where it came from. I have a very traditional and large family and am trying not to alienate them with my theme, but the octopi will stay. That's one they've gotten used to by now anyways. 
  • I am wearing the evenstar during our wedding and my FI has the leaf pin from lotr as part of his outfit. Also we plan on having little board/card games at every table for people to have fun at the reception. My FI is also a huge fantasy nerd and his wedding ring is fantasy themed (it has a sword on it!) I plan to use classical guitar versions of movie/tv/game themes at the music before my ceremony. Also I have the white tree of gondor tattooed on my back so that'll be a pretty obvious sign. We are still working on more ways to show our geekiness!
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