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Geeky/gamer reception? Share here!

So far I've met ladies who had Harry Potter, lolita, elven/renaissance, comic/superhero, and gamer weddings, and I would love to meet even more.

FH and I are avid gamers (PS3, PC and retro) and will be incorporating our love of all things geeky into our big day. What do you and your FH/hubby enjoy, and how does it fit into your wedding or plans?

Re: Geeky/gamer reception? Share here!

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    I'm ok with themed weddings. Especially when they are pulled off effectively. But how in the world is lolita appropriate for a wedding! Egads!

    To answer your question, books have been incorporated in several places. We talked about naming the tables our "favorite things" which would have meant an HP table, a Wolverine table, an LOTR table. But I couldn't get to look like I wanted so I switched back to numbers.

    I think if you're going to go with something specific like a series, videogame, book, etc. You should be very subtle. Think of the colors, fashion, foods, and environment present in your chosen "world" rather than choosing to be/look like exactly a specific character/scene/etc.

    I also think a well-crafted wedding cake/grooms cake is an excellent way to incorporate all things geeky
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    Not going to lie, I thought the exact same thing until I met her and heard her story.
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    We're getting married on May 4th (the date was sort of an accident and I didn't even realize it until my sister pointed it out).  I really don't care for theme weddings (I think some couples can pull them off, but I dislike themes becoming a standard) but I couldn't just completely pass on any references. 

    The plan is to have a string quartet for the ceremony and cocktail hour.  We'll be using the Throne Room music from A New Hope as the recessional and hopefully be working in the Cantina song into cocktail hour.  Instead of table numbers we're doing Star Wars planets, but that's really going to be it.  My goal was to have a few references worked in for the nerds (and we know a bunch) but not to have it scream Star Wars to the non-nerds. We're also hoping to have a Free Comic Book Day run the day before :) 
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    We used Throne Room for our Recessional, but we didn't have Star Wars for a theme. Be careful of themes, ladies. Light touches of them can be great, but if you go overboard, your wedding could end up looking like a child's birthday party or high school Prom.
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    This makes me laugh because I am a huge LOTR fan. I told FI I was going to incorporated it in our wedding because he would never know. I figured I could have the theme song softly playing in the background for the ceremony. I even wanted to use some of the more appropriate quotes since only my stepfather and I would get it. I do have to limit myself though because it's very tempting to have the officiant use this quote when we exchange rings "One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them." That might be my dead give away.
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    My officiant is working in the Dumbledore family tomb quote, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." I cannot wait for that moment. ;)
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    I asked one of my sisters to do a reading at the ceremony because she won't be in my bridal party - I suggested she do the "Klingon Wedding Story" in traditional Klingon or English!

    I just got engaged so I'm just starting to think about how to incorporate more nerdy things into our wedding. My FH and I are HUGE nerds - LOTR, GoT, Harry Potter, PC Gaming, Star Trek, Star Wars - you name it, we love it! I definitely want to incorporate this into my wedding, but I also don't want to estrange my non-nerdy family members. We're also talking about getting married at a B&B - we're going to visit it this weekend, but I'm very concerned about nerdy themes in a B&B.

    Any tips? I'd welcome any ideas =)
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    I'm on the same boat as most PP here.  FI and I love our nerdy things but didn't want our wedding to be a huge theme.  So to put our own touches in as quotes on the cake and then having A Sonic Screwdriver, Butterbeer, and a couple others as our signature drinks.


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