Looking to meet other gamer/geeky brides-to-be or wives!

So far I've met ladies who had Harry Potter, lolita, elven/renaissance, comic/superhero, and gamer weddings, and I would love to meet even more.

FH and I are avid gamers (PS3, PC and retro) and will be incorporating our love of all things geeky into our big day. What do you and your FH/hubby enjoy, and how does it fit into your wedding or plans?

Re: Looking to meet other gamer/geeky brides-to-be or wives!

  • My fiance is a huge gamer. He even has a "game room" in his house devoted to his retro gaming collection. I can play original nintendo games & some Wii games, but I mostly support his hobby :)

    For the wedding, I am surprising him with original nintendo cuff links I got on We're also using videogame characters as our table numbers at the reception. For the rehearsal dinner, I'm having my mom made a videogame controller cake to surprise him with, too.

    I would love to have a retro arcade console rental for the reception, too.....but it's a little pricey..

    I am always open to ideas on how to incorporate his interests into the wedding. My interest is mainly reading and the classics, so it is interesting to mesh the two for the wedding :)
  • I love the idea of the cufflinks! FH's will be Batman to go with the shirt and watch I'm giving him as his gift. :D
  • My FI and I are huge gamers too! We met while working on a game and he is the lead designer at that same game company. Although we are both super game nerds, I am not sure that we will incorporate anything more than his groom's cake to be game themed. 

    By the way, I started a thread a month or two ago on the reception ideas board asking for ideas to incorporate games into my wedding theme and I got slammed by people saying that my wedding is not a child's birthday party, games are inappropriate for a wedding, and how my guests would think I was ridiculous, Anyway, I was so put off by the replies that I stopped looking at for a while. I am happy to see someone else feels the same as I do about video games! yay!

    What do you and your FI play? 
  • My fiance and I "met" on a video game years ago...years ago.  We were both in our mid 20s playing EverQuest (the first one).  As we grew out of the games, we still kept in touch; once a year checking in how the other is doing.  Then last year when we checked in, something happened and we decided to meet up.  Nine months later, engaged. Now I realize that I always knew I'd marry him.

    I keep thinking we should incorporate it somehow into the wedding but not sure how. I'd like it to be subtle because we never really told anyone that's how we met.
  • Me and my Fiance LOVE video games. However, we seem to have different tastes so if we incorporated all of that into our wedding, stuff would be everywhere! We wouldn't be able to stick to one thing haha. I think its an awesome concept though! If I had my way, Kingdom Hearts stuff and Mario would be all over the place :)
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  • We're going to make a Companion Cube to house our card's at the gift table :)

  • My fiance and I are huge gamers/geeks.  He's in IT and loves everything gaming from PC games to table top he does them all.  I mostly support his hobby but I also like to table top game.  I'm more of a book nerd myself.  But anyways... we're planning a formal Doctor Who wedding.  We have our table numbers as the different doctors (there's 12 of them) we're also doing our wedding colors Tardis blue and pumpkin orange, our cake topper and favors will be doctor who themed, and I'm surprising all the guys with super hero cufflinks.
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  • @RobertSJenna Some of the international Boards here are pretty rough.  I know exactly what you mean by that.  However I do feel there are small and appropiate ways to incorporate any hobby into a wedding. (Without it looking childish). 

    Cake toppers are always a great way to personalize your wedding cake, and it is something you and your FI will keep forever.  Also using your favorite characters in centerpieces or as added design elements would work to.  If you let me know what type of games you like maybe I can help you with more specific examples.  But either way there is no reason you can't put something you and your FI both enjoy into your wedding.  When it comes to this I will agree that it is "YOUR DAY"

  • We're addicts of COD black ops 2, have been since it came out. That being said though, we're not putting video games in our wedding.
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