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Candy! Candy! Candy!

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Alright, so I still have until next summer to figure this out, but I'm stuck. I want to incorporate candy into my reception (vintage themed - elegant vintage, not that rustic barn stuff), but am unsure how to do so in a cheap way. I have looked at centerpieces (leaning towards these) and buffets, but I'm unsure what will go with our favors...or if doing candy and our favors would be too much. 

Our favors (I haven't purchased anything yet, but I LOVE these!) are St. Dalfour's 1-oz. jars of jam. We'd order a variety of flavors. Our colors are mint green, lavender, and ivory. 

We are doing small floral arrangement's for our centerpieces, but I love the idea of either putting lollipops or rock candy (or both or other types of stick candy) in the centerpieces or doing small bowls of different candies at each table (to encourage guests to mingle). 

What do you think? Jams and candy too much? I want to do something that is different...even though candy buffets are increasing in their popularity as are those colors, but can I be creative with this?

Also, if you or someone you know used candy where'd they get it from? I've been looking around online, but just in case I missed a site or store. 

Thank you!
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Re: Candy! Candy! Candy!

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    I don't like the idea of putting candy in the centerpieces.  That to me just screams Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  And no guest will remove the candy to eat it because they wouldn't want to mess up or touch the centerpieces.

    Nix the different bowls of candy at each table.  Your guests will mingle no matter what you do.  You don't need to entice them with candy.

    I think the best way to have candy at any event is in the form of a candy bar.  That way guests can grab what they want without additional things clogging up their table.

    If you want to do both candy and jam you can but just know that having a candy bar can get pricey even when you are trying not to spend a lot.  You have to buy glass containers for it all, scoops/tongs, the candy itself (and please buy decent candy and not cheap crap that tastes like plastic or wax), and then the bags for your guests to put it in.

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    I would not eat candy from centerpieces because I would think it was supposed to be part of the decoration. 

    I like the idea of wanting to make stuff fun and interactive, but personally, I just don't really like candy at weddings. 

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     I agree, that I can't see any guests taking candy from your centerpieces. The idea is neat, but I think most people would view this as decoration, not food, & be worried about wrecking them! (As mentioned above). I do think that you could creatively make these look awesome, & not 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory', but I wouldn't expect them to be eaten. 

     As far as candy goes, you can buy from bulk stores, or multiple websites online. Definitely go for a little higher quality of candy, (which you can still get from some bulk stores). We did a candy bar for our wedding, & had no problems finding exactly what we wanted. We hired a decorator for most of our decor, and used her glass containers. (Much cheaper than purchasing them). We had it all set up on an 8 foot table, with 15 glass containers & purchased about 40lbs of candy. I think the candy alone came to about $300-$400. There's really no super 'inexpensive' way of doing it. You definitely want to have a little more candy than you need, vs running out as well. 

     I think your best bet is to figure out how much candy you're going to need, price it out, (including glass containers & scoops-or whatever you want to use), & see if it works within your budget. You don't need to do a *big* candy table necessarily either. You could always do like a 4ft round table, & set up 5 or 6 glass containers, and just do it on a smaller scale. This may be easier on your budget, and enable you to do both the candy bar & jam jars. :) 

     Good luck to you! 


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    While candy buffets can be very, very cute - I wouldn't waste the money.  I'm a grown-up, I want a nice meal, a few cocktails, and some good music.  :)

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     I think to insinuate that 'grown-ups' don't want candy, is a silly thing to say! :P Of course, a candy bar is not going to be in replacement of a nice meal, alcohol & good music, but I think it's a fun added novelty item. Which is generally what it's meant for anyways. Yes, if you can't afford it, it's not a necessary add-on, but if you want to include one, & can afford it on top of hosting a great evening, then go for it! 
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    Look around in your area for a local candy store.  I'm working with a store in my area for my candy buffet, and we are using the buffet as favors.  I happen to know the guy who owns the store, but he said it will generally run $1.50 per person.
    You can also DIY the candy table--dollar store plates glued to candlesticks for tiered treat plates in your colors, etc.  
    If you love the jam idea, stick with it.  You could also let them take a box or bag full of candy from the buffet home.
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