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Vendor Reviews - 7.23.13

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Hi All!  So just like all of you I depended on Vendor Reviews here on TK in planning my wedding!  So to pay it forward here are my reviews for my July 23rd, 2013 wedding at The Currituck Club.


Florist/Decorator – Renee Landry:  AMAZING!   I had met with a few other people before her and although she was the same price or more expensive than the others she was worth every penny I spent on her.  I loved our bouquets (especially my own – I wish I had planned to freeze dry it or something b/c I was seriously obsessed with it) and the bouts for the guys.  She also did our “ceremony arch” (it was really two trees that she decorated), the ceiling in the veranda at the TCC, and the staircase in the foyer when you enter the TCC.  I loved everything she did.  She was also super easy to work with and every time I threw out an idea to her she never made me feel stupid.  I honestly trusted her enough where there were so many times I told her to just go with what she thought was best b/c I just felt like she knew what I wanted and would come through – which she did!  Again, LOVED her and I almost wish I could get married again just so I could use her.

Hair/Makeup – Bombshells:   I loved my own hair/makeup.  The makeup on the bridesmaids that decided to do it looked great and overall everyone’s hair looked good.  My sister hated her hair and told the girl but there wasn’t much they could do to fix it since we were running out of time.  My only complaint would be is that they knew exactly how many girls were getting their hair/makeup done and they told me what time they should come and we ended up being over an hour late.  This was only upsetting to me b/c I basically lost 45 minutes of my reception later since there is a noise ordinance in Corolla and it had to be done at 11 PM (this is even with my buffer time I had put in!).  I had a lot of people getting hair done so for anyone using them in the future just make sure you have them come earlier than they even recommend.  I would probably use them again but would definitely tell them to come earlier.

Cake/Cupcakes – Caroline Cupcakery:   I LOVED our cake/cupcakes and how it looked/tasted.  Kyndall was super easy to work with and was very responsive.  I would totally use them again. 

Transportation – Sandy Beach Tours & OBX Trolley: I can only really comment on Sandy Beach Tours as I only ended up riding on the bus but let me tell you, the shocks on the bus need to be replaced immediately.  We went from Nags Head to Corolla and by the time I got there everyone wanted to throw up.  It was seriously the bumpiest ride ever!  Besides that – they were on time and very responsive so hopefully they update their vehicle!  In regards to the trolley, everyone loved it!  They were also on time and very responsive!

Photographer – Genevieve & Chad Stewart (Moving Art Productions):   LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  We just got our pictures back today and they are seriously amazing.  We had also done an engagement session with them too so it was nice to get to know them before we used them.  They were easy to work with, and totally responsive when I emailed them.  The day of the wedding they kept us on track and helped me to not get stressed.  They were totally professional and did a great job.  I highly recommend them and I attached a link to their blog of our pictures.

DJ – John Harper: John Harper did a great job.  We had met him once before and we felt really comfortable with him.  He was also very responsive when we had questions.  He definitely got the party started and I never wanted the night to end!  Damn noise ordinance!


Favors – OBX Popcorn Shoppe: So here is a somewhat sad story – our favors did not show up for our wedding.  Lindsey was my most responsive vendor so when I found out at the end of the night that the favors did not show up I literally almost had a heart attack.  I am not kidding when I tell you she was the most responsive and even ordered my wedding colors in food coloring so she could match them.  I went to the popcorn shop the next day and she was shocked to see me – she thought my wedding was that day.  Obviously there was a mix-up with the date but honestly she was horrified and felt terrible.  She was ready to cry and I felt bad for her.  She gave me a full refund back and gave me all the favors with some extra bags.  I was able to give them out to the guests that were still there.  On a bright note they did look amazing and everyone LOVED the popcorn.  It truly is amazing and I only write this to tell you that if you do use them just triple check with them on the date!  She was great to work with and I wouldn’t want people to not use them and they were very reasonably priced!

Officiant – Dr. Dave Keller:  Dave Keller was seriously amazing.  He was the calming force during our ceremony and rehearsal dinner.  The first time we met him at the wedding show in 2012 my FI and I both instantly clicked with him.  We had met up with him during another trip and we got to know each other more.  Him marrying us felt like an old friend marrying us.  He did a great job and kept us both calm and excited during the ceremony.  He was also super responsive during the whole planning process.  I highly recommend him!!!

Ceremony/Reception – The Currituck Club: Let me just say I am so happy that we went with TCC.  Ashley was really great to work with and was very responsive.  Seriously I must have emailed her 100 times and she always responded and didn’t make me feel like a crazy person.  They set up everything just as I wanted it and did a great job.  The food was also really good and let me tell you people are still talking about the crap dip from the cocktail hour.  I loved the crab dip so much they had to box some up for me during our food tasting.  We also had some guests that were gluten and they were able to make them gluten free crab cakes, which they were grateful for!  Getting married on site-sound front was the best decision we ever made.  It made it easy on the guests to just go to one place and it was seriously gorgeous.  They helped keep me calm and made sure everything ran smoothly that night.  I highly recommend TCC and feel free to email me and ask me any questions!

Rental – Ocean Atlantic Rentals: We rented a cooling unit for the veranda, which didn’t really do anything.  However, they were responsive and did a good job in setting it up/dropping it off.

Accommodations – Take it to the Limit (Village Realty):  The house was amazing!  We had a great week there with all of our family and friends and the people at Village Realty were extremely helpful and responsive when called.  I would definitely use Village Realty again when renting a house in the OBX!

Tuxedos – Black Tie Affair: My husband mainly dealt with them and they seemed fine.  Luckily we were able to have the guys stop by there a few days before the weddings because some of the suits did not fit right and she had to get a few different jackets and pants.  There are not too many options down there but the woman that works there is super nice and would recommend them.

Nail Salon – Klassy Nails: They did a good job and the price was right.  Granted we had to explain how to properly do a French manicure but besides that I loved my nails and the shellac lasted for about three weeks.  Oh and they let us bring alcohol in while we were getting our nails done! J

Rehearsal Dinner – Pamlico Jack’s:  The food was great and you cannot beat the view there.  I LOVED having our rehearsal dinner there and everyone was so welcoming there.  The guests also hung out on the deck after the dinner for awhile just listening to the music.  I did not deal with them directly but my husband’s mom didn’t seem to have a lot of trouble and were able to accommodate all of her requests that she made! OH and per our request they were able to bring in the sweet potato biscuits from their sister restaurant Kelly’s!  Highly recommend them and would definitely do it there all over again!

Thank you to all who has posted!  TK was definitely a huge resource for me and I hope I was able to help in some way!  Sorry for the lengthy review!

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