Real vs Fake?

Do bouquets all need to be real? what about flowers for groomsmen and parents? Is it acceptable for any to be fake? Thanks you:)

Re: Real vs Fake?

  • There are many brides who have gone the artificial route.  But IMO, unless you have a major allergy to flowers then real is always the way to go.  You can get real flowers in any price point and I just think they look more elegant then artificial.  Yes, there are some gorgeous artificial flowers on the market but many times those flowers are as expensive if not more expensive then using fresh flowers.

  • What @Maggie0829 said and I would also like to add that the boutonnieres and corsages are often the least expensive of the wedding flowers so if it is a money issue you probably aren't really going to save any money that way.
  • Since I'm getting married two days after FI & I graduate college near a school where our families don't live close by, I'm going with all fake because there are already too many variables to take care of and I don't need to add to that list. My mother also went with all silk flowers for her wedding.
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  • My centerpieces are fake. I think I will end up doing fake for bouquets too so they will match better. I got my flowers wholesale online and since I'm diy-ing a lot it will save a ton of money... which we are spending on open bar haha
  • I say either have real flowers or don't have them at all. To me silk(fake) flowers are just that, Fake..

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