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In suite reception at platinum hotel

Anyone know if they make a big deal about rentals brought in or if it's possible to "sneak" them in? We're only planning on bringing in about 10 chairs but I'm so worried!
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Re: In suite reception at platinum hotel

  • I'm getting married at the Platinum. Since its not a casino it doesn't have a very big lobby. From what I remember from my scouting trip the doors open right to reception and the elevators are to the right. It might be hard to sneak them in. There may be an elevator to the parking garage and you shouldn't have problems from there if it has access but I'm not sure. They have been really easy to deal with but not sure how they feel about in suite if they aren't catering. Hope I'm not worrying you too much. Hopefully others have advice.
  • I agree - ask the girls who work there, they're usually pretty good at helping out even when it means bending the rules a little bit. And yes, the lobby is tiny so it would be hard to sneak anything in!!!
  • Jamie as the Platinum has bee really sweet and understanding, but as she said, they don't condone parties in the suites, but they may be able to work with you a bit....

    Like kellymac said, the lobby is really tiny and pretty much you can see from one end to the other, so I don't think you could just cart in stuff, but that's to the lobby...

     Good luck!

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