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November 2013 Weddings

Wedding party gifts

What are you all getting the bridal party for gifts? 
I was thinking about paying for the girls nails to get done the day before the wedding since none of them really get their nails done. But I read on the Etiquette board that's a no no.

I have no idea what to get the ring bearer (hes almost 2) and the flower girl (she's almost 3)

Also what are you getting the parents?

Re: Wedding party gifts

  • I got my bridesmaids a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a personalized hanger. The earrings and bracelet are not for the wedding and are suited to their taste.

    We are not doing parents gifts.


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  • The thought is to shop like you would for their bday. It doesn't have to be much, just something personal to the individuals - for the avid reader it could be the next book in the series they're reading and a gift card to Barnes and Noble. 

    As you probably read on the Etiquette board, anything that has to do with their "day of" look (apart from the dress) isn't really a "gift" and as such should be paid for by the bride anyway (hair/makeup/nails included). BUT it's a nice gesture. I'm paying for MOB/MOG, 3 BM and my MOH to get their nails done. 

  • Oh and we're getting our parents photo frames that will hold a copy of the invitation and have a space for a wedding photo (after we get our pictures). I might also get MOG and MOB personalized handkerchiefs too.  
  • Me and my sister are both hairstylist/makeup artist so everyones hair and make up will be done free anyways. But I should pay for nails anyways too along with a gift? I didn't know that but thank you for telling me! @dramamonkey
  • @T1990 - No problem, but I think it's a nice gesture to do so. Might make for some nice pre-wedding pampering. You don't have to go over the top for gifts, as long as they're thoughtful. :) 

    Trust me, I'm thrifty (read: cheap), and amd trying to find things that they'll appreciate but not break the bank. 
  • If you are requiring them to have their nails done, you should pay for it. If not, it's not a requirement.

    I am not paying for anyone to get hair/makeup/nails because I am not requiring them to get it done.


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  • I got them jewelry for the wedding (earrings and a necklace). I also got them tote bags with their names on them and will be filling them with some Bath and Body works stuff and some other cute goodies. 
  • I'm getting my girls an Alex and Ani bracelet that's not for the wedding and some other little goodies along with that like soap, bath salts, and chocolate truffles. I have two MOHs (my two sisters) and they are getting the same gifts as well but I bought these really pretty frames with a message around the frame that is a letter "to my sister" and I'll put a wedding photo of each of us in there.

    The parents are getting wedding albums after the wedding but I'm also getting each pair an engraved silver platter. The engraved part will be letter from FI and I to them. I'm really excited about these.

    The FG is getting a little basket full of lip gloss and nail polish since that's what she loves lol. The RB is getting action figurines and he loves coloring so a super hero coloring book.

  • @button6004 Yeah I get that now. I didn't think about it because there make up and hair will be free anyways since my sister and I will be doing it.
  • We aren't doing attendants, my dad isn't coming to the wedding and my mother has gone out of her way to be beyond rude and obnoxious to us since we got engaged.   FI's parents, on the other hand, have been wonderful.  I hadn't thought about the fact that we should consider getting them something so I don' know.
  • I got personalized tote bags, pashmina shawls, and personalized tumbler cups.  But in addition, I've put a bottle of wine in each bag and a gift card to their favorite restaurant to personalize it.  My BM's have been amazing and two are family so I wanted to do something personal in addition to some day-of accessories. 
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  • I got them personalized hangers, bracelets, and shirts for the day of but I like the idea of a totebag with goodies for their actual gift! 
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  • I got my girls Oakleys, bag that I will fill with a shirt, a pair of sandals and some other goodies... I also got my MOH a coach purse and wallet she has been dying for.
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