Happy Friday!!!

Well, I had class last night - my presentation went pretty well so that was good! I'm pretty bummed though b/c I left my good Starbucks water bottle at schoool :( boo! I went home and watched Project Runway - anyone else watch?!? What did you think?!? Other than that, nothing else too exciting! We're paying our first deposit on our HM today and I'm SO excited (and a bit nervous too about the price!) eeek!

Tonight we might go to a halloween party (not sure yet) which could be fun! FI works Saturday so I'm going to go over his parents for dinner then run over his sisters house to hang out for a bit.

Well hope everyone has a happy Friday!

Re: Happy Friday!!!

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    TGIF!  My terrible timepoints are over for now, so today is a normal day at work.  FI got in last night, and we went for dinner in the north end.  Not sure of tonight's plans, but we'll do something fun I'm sure!

    G - thats exciting about the deposit!

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    TGIF! Last night we went to our friend's house to see their kids trick-or-treat (their son was our RB).  They are so stinkin' cute! They would walk up to the door and say "trick-or-treating" with a big cheesy smile!

    I need to find some serious motivation to unpack more boxes, clean and organize this weekend. Wish me luck Undecided

    G-:( boo on losing your water bottle. I covet my nalgene bottles, I can sympathise.
    md-Hope your day goes by quickly! Enjoy the weekend!

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    TGIF! Last night I went out with MIL, SIL, and my mom. We had a blast. Those ladies are crazy and I didn't get home until 11:30 and I am feeling a little rough this morning! Anyhow, tonight after work DH, my boss, her boyfriend, and a few of my co-workers are going to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Halloween party/fundraiser being held at 5ive. Tomorrow I'm visiting my pap during the day and maybe going to the mall with my gram and then DH and I are going over one of our friends to carve pumpkins. Sunday we will just visit my grandparents and dad and have dinner with them and watch the game at home since its a late one. I'm looking forward to this weekend!

    G- yay for booking your HM! Sorry you lost your bottle. I always loose those and coffee mugs!
    MD- glad you have a normal schedule!
    Meg- SO adorable! I wish I was able to see my niece and nephew last night. My brother sent us picture messages! My nephew was batman and my niece was a cat, so adorable!
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    Afternoon ladies!

    I had a job interview last night. I think it went well although the pay was a lot less than what I'm making now (where I am currently is a contract position although there's no ending date anywhere in sight). I would love it as it would be at a public library (I'm at a corporate one right now) but just have long term goals that obviously a pay cut wouldn't help in achieving...

    We're going to try the California Pizza Kitchen tonight which just opened up at the Ross Park Mall. There was one at the King of Prussia Mall that I went to all the time as a kid/teen but haven't been in a long time. Crazving it so bad right now!

    We have a halloween party to go to tomorrow night, DH got a ghost buster's costume, I'm going as a geisha/samurai although I need to buy some leggings as the length is a bit short!

    Gianna-Glad to hear that your presentation went well! I hated doing ones in grad school although the profs sure loved them. Congrats on making your first deposit. I looooove traveling so I always see money spent on them as a terrific investment!

    MD-have a wonderful weekend with the FI!

    Meg-Good luck unpacking! I always hate doing so but love when things get in order once again!

    Trisha-Have a great weekend! Sounds like it will be jammed packed but lots of fun!

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    TGIF! Today has been miserable so far. First of all, I was 35 min. late to work this morning, latest I've ever been, due to the metro of course. We sat on the track stuck in a tunnel for half an hour, and I thought I was going to have a panic attack. Then, the atmosphere at work is tense because there were 2 lay-offs yesterday, and 5 so far today. I'm not too worried, but it sucks.
     I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I'm going to a jewelry party tom. morning- should be fun, but 10:30 AM is way too early on a Sat. IMO. Then we are going to a Halloween/Dia de los Muertos celebration Sat. night at an art gallery. Sunday will be recover, then we finally get to watch the Steelers Sun. night!

    Have a fun and safe weekend, ladies!

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